Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Daily Grind...

These days our master bedroom looks a lot like this...
And the living room cut in half and looks a lot like this. Mr. Man chuckles everytime he sees that covered painting. He can't figure out why I didn't just take the painting down. And here is my fabulous new kitchen. Mr. Man sprung for the fancy garbage disposal. Our new diet plan consists of, "Do I want it bad enough to have to put on shoes and walk around to the garage and get it?" We are essentially living in 2 rooms during the day. Which means I have to be super creative on how we spend our time. There is lots of imaginative play... Hikes in the hills...
And playing in dirt.Each and every day we start off the day with a dance party in the den. We throw our heads back and sing and dance until we are worn out. The other day the workers stopped and watched, then applauded our performance. We just might have to take our show on the road... to pay for this construction!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can I get one?

I had no idea how nosey the general population is. Going anywhere with AK, who still looks like she went 9 rounds in the ring, raises lots of questions. Even a cute hat to hide the massive bruise, doesn't cover the two black eyes. Everyone asks, "What happened?" and it's nice everyone is concerned, but it gets annoying. These folks don't even know me, so I like to make up stories such as, "She was injured in Spain, during the running of the bulls." or "She missed her landing during our last family skydive."
On a recent outing, we stumbled upon a car show. I immediately fell in love with this thing. Doesn't it just scream, "Beep beep, Bon Jour!" Then I saw this armored assault vehicle and I immediately fell in love. I deem this the new Mom-mobile. How awesome would it be to carpool in this!?Mr. Boy saw this and was one smitten kitten. He keeps talking about how he really wants this for his 16th birthday and drive it to college. He better start buying some lotto tickets, because that's a 1969 Stingray Corvette... very pricey. AK tried it on for size, and asked Mr. Boy if they could have twin cars. Mr. Boy LOVED that idea, and AK turned around and told the owner, I'll take it but only if you paint it Pink.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Bar Brawl

Dude, just wait until you see the other guy. A giant head bump, two black eyes, and one adrenaline filled night.... AK gave us quite a scare when she got hit by a truck. More like, walked into the back of a parked flatbed truck. She's been playing the sympathy card with everyone she meets... who can resist those pouty lips.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Aqui O Aqui?

Last night I was at Ikea picking up a kitchen sink* and a whole bunch of random items. I took some time to wander around the store while they put my order together. This whole "under construction" thing has been fun and SO incredibly exhausting. People warned me, but I said, "Sure, Sure" and then I thought... maybe for you, but that won't happen to me.

When I saw this rumpled bed, I had the most overwhelming desire to climb in and take a nap, right there in the middle of Ikea.
It's not even my style, but I was so exhausted and for the first time in 2 months I was alone with a bed. I love Mr. Man, but ever since the first nail was hammered in, he has this crazy habit to wake up in the middle of the night wanting to discuss lighting, furniture layouts, and insulation.

Then add the early wake up call by the crew, and the constant questions throughout the day. Between a chorus of "Mom, Mama, Moooooooom, Mommy, Woof, Ruff, & Bark" by my brood, and the constant stream of "Miss, Senora, & Ma'am" there is no peace. All day long I am asked, "Do you want this "here or here", "Aqui O Aqui"

There are just a few more weeks left, the end is in sight, but wow I need a night at a hotel sans dust... or maybe just a long nap at Ikea.

*How many times have you gone to Ikea and bought everything but the kitchen sink? Last night I actually bought everything & the sink. My neighbor warned me though... when you open the box it's just a bunch of poorly drawn stick figures showing you how mold the sink ... and a bag of plaster. That made me laugh.. since everything has to be assembled from Ikea.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Construction Update June 10

Bet you wish you were me today.. There is dust everywhere... this is behind my desk. My vacuum is running all day long just trying to keep on top of it.The old part of the house is now draped in plastic, I feel like I'm living inside a garbage bag. Things are getting a bit crowded.But check out the progress! So pretty!
The breakfast nook is taking shape and last night I wrote out a big check to the cabinet man for my new kitchen. After hyperventilating for a few minutes, I settled down and got to business hammering out the details of the cabinets. It was ridiculously fun.
It's beginning to look like a house!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Glamour Shots Pose 2

This is part 2 of a 3 part series where I document being subjected to Glamour Shots on Mother's Day of 2010.

When I came home from "Glamour Day" at the spa, I was still chuckling over what I had just endured. When I walked in the door, the children ran towards me and then immediately started to run away. Mr. Boy was screaming, "What happened to your face?" and then ran to his favorite hideout. I had no idea make up could be so traumatizing. Mr. Man did a double take and said, "Wow, they did your make up." It was at that moment I realized he had no idea what had taken place. I decided to keep the Glamour Shots a secret and torture erm.. I mean surprise him with the shots.

When I picked up the Glamour Shots, I immediately framed this one and set it on Mr. Man's nightstand. When he came home from basketball, he walked in the room and motioned to the picture by the bed.
Mr. Man: Who is that?
Moi: Who do you think?
Mr. Man: Did it come with the frame?
Moi: Uh... no
Mr. Man: Wait is that... is that.. YOU?
Moi: Yep, do you love it?
Mr. Man: Wow, it is really really fancy.

He looked troubled, but tried to hide it. After about an hour of lounging on the bed watching the tail end of a game, with my photoshopped face staring at him... "beckoning him with my eyes" as the photographer had asked, Mr. Man asked for a favor.

Mr. Man: I love that you got all dressed up and fancy, but wow, it doesn't look like you. It.. um, I really, I mean... I really don't like it. Can we put a different picture there?

I just laughed heartily, I'm the first to admit these pictures are absolutely nothing like my personality. I keep referring to them as horrifyingly awesome. The worlds best worst picture of me. I knew Mr. Man would be creeped out by them, it is not me, it's not representative of the person he married, I'm just not the glamourous type! Thank Goodness!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

All Dressed Up

The other day while at the grocery, AK was dressed up in an outfit similar to the one above. A lady stopped us and said, "Wow, that is quite an outfit, is it her birthday?" Mr. Boy responded, "Uh, no lady... It's just Tuesday."
Because in our world... this kind of outfit is an everyday kind of occurence. It's reason number #107 why I love AK.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Construction Update

Every morning we meet with the contractor to discuss one of the 100 decisions that will be made that day. Mr. Man usually starts it off because he has that dang job to get to. I love that sometimes I come home from my walk with the dogs to find this.. That is Mr. Man and the contractor up on the roof. Instead of cars in the driveway, we have massive amounts of wood. Incidentally, it comes from the same place that employed FLG (Fork Lift Guy), I think of him fondly everytime I see the truck. The house is starting to take shape, this is the new breakfast nook that will be in my new kitchen! We moved the dining room table into the new space and had dinner out there over the weekend. Meanwhile, we have been on what feels like a million shopping excursions. These are the new doors for the bedrooms.
It's all coming together!!