Monday, September 18, 2006

I'm a mom...

I had a moment where I became giddy at the thought that I have butterfly wings hanging up in my laundry room.

I accidentally brushed up against the wings of Amanda's Halloween costume and I couldn't help but giggle..
I'm a girl mom...
I have butterfly wings in my laundry room hanging up to dry...
I have a drawer full of hairbows and ribbons (that don't quite fit on her hairless head yet)
I do an entire load of wash that is all pink every single week. (Ok.. well Ross does the laundry, but still there is an entire load of pink clothes)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

When did this happen???

Last week was full of social activities leading up to the first day of Preschool for Nathan. He went to preschool last year, but this is "Big Time" preschool. This is a big preschool, more preschool than daycare.

He was excited to go to the "Purple Door" School again. (He is in the Purple Room!) I was actually excited to get back to work and meeting with my clients. We got there, and he ran into his class and started playing with the animals. I went to say goodbye, and he said "This is Elise" (pointing to his new friend sitting next to him) He hands her a Giraffe and says "Bye Bye Mommy"

I stand up to walk outside, and suddenly I feel something coming over me. I get outside the door and a sob comes out! I was completely startled by it, so it comes out as some awful noise. The pastor of the school rushes over to give me a hug... I'm mortified because I wasn't prepared for the tears. I am excited for him to go to school, this is a good thing for him... But...But...But... We had so much fun this summer, and now he's just so... so... BIG.

And this girl... is cracking us up. She is keeps getting into the summersault position. She also tears around the house using a walker. No sign of trying to walk on her own. She loves the walker.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Love this weather!!

My friend Carly, has an amazing pool. I love it, and want one just like it. It's really baby and toddler friendly! One of the highlights of the last few weeks has been swimming at her house. The kids have a blast, mom has fun chit chatting with friends, and everyone comes home blissfully tired ready for a nap.

Thanks Carly!!