Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Best Laid Plans...

This is what my summer plans looked like: We had decided to go on a mighty adventure and take advantage of a job opportunity with Mr. Man. However, just as I had firmed up the logistics... everything fell through. And now my summer plans look like this...
Notice the lack of a pool* Ok... so it's not really where we will be living for the summer, we will be home at Chateau du la French. We are back to everything up in the air, but grateful for Mr. Man's current employment, and no has come down with the H1N1 virus (swine flu) so I am focusing on gratitude, not the lack of a pool* and an adventure.

On the flip side, Mr. Man is home for the rest of the month... which means another rockinWe've been doing the Staycation thing for years, we're trendsetters that way. Although, newsflash we are actually doing some traveling this time. We have a trip planned for each week, we are living on the wild side. First off is a little trip of amore with just Mr. Man & myself to an undisclosed location. There will be some serious lounging by the pool* and there will be foofy drinks with umbrellas. I can't wait to stretch out and have no responsibility for a few days. No one told me that you don't get time off from being a mom, unless you are somewhere sans children. Totally not fair.

*Mr. Man claims I've been wildly obsessed with putting in a pool since the summer plans fell through. I even hatched a plan with my trusty pal Cinnamon (yes, her real name) to "borrow" a pool by using a 3-150 foot extension cords and erecting some sort of bridge over a backyard or two. Mr. Man squashed that plan, something about trespassing and misdemeanors. Boo, he is no fun.

Random: Said farewell to another stroller this afternoon *sniff* but it looks like it went to a good home. Still have one more left going on eBay later this week, in case someone wants a double stroller that is Euro-fabulous.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

They would have LOVED the 80's

Every morning AK wakes up with the world's biggest bangs. She doesn't need Aquanet to hold them up. Then one late night trip to Target... and the kids could NOT stop playing with these sunglasses. We could have stayed here all night playing with these. I'm thinking scrap the princess dress up costume box... we should just raid Mr. Man's closet for his 80's favorites.

Mr. Man.. Loved the 80's... as evidenced here (notice he's sporting a Depeche shirt, and I can guarantee you he peglegged those pants)
These pictures will self destruct once Mr. Man decides to read my blog and realize I raided his photo albums for 80's pics.
***PICTURES REMOVED, because apparently Mr. Man has a batphone or something. I hit publish on this post, and BAM! my phone rings with him saying, "Hi, you know the pictures of mine that you doctored... please take them down. " **** So I took them down, but then doctored them even more, and put them back up.... shhhhhh.

If you came here looking for 80's pics of me.. they don't exist for I was just a wee babe in the 80's.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The Annual Meeting & Inventory of Madamoiselle's Strollers
Mac the Oldest most mature stroller takes center stage to give the State of the Union to the other strollers in Madamoiselle's collection.

Mac: My fellow strollers, I would like to thank you for attending our annual meeting. We recognize Baby Roller Hand who is in attendance representing the collection of doll sized strollers. You have all served so diligently this past year. I am sure you have heard that these are uncertain times. There is economic uncertainty everywhere... as you have noticed this has meant there has only been one new addition to the collection over the past year. Plus, the addition of Mr. Boy's bike has hurt us bad... real bad... So with a heavy heart... some of you are going to be let go. You've all worked hard, and if we could keep you all... we would. But Mr. Man.. he's never been a fan of the large number of us and he says there are just too many of you and not enough kids to utilize you all. You'll find new work, I'm sure of that.... Good Night & Good Luck

Thursday, April 09, 2009

This is how I have been feeling lately...

The inbox has been full... the list of things to do at home has been long... and my personal time has been minimal. In fact my personal time would have been nonexistent without Mr. Man nudging me to put myself at the top of the list. At times I have felt completely overwhelmed, like the mule... stuck almost. And... well up in the air too.

So much of our future is up in the air. I figured that during my 30's I have put down some roots and have a grand plan. However, maybe life isn't about having "a plan". We are flying by the seat of our pants these days and there are days I feel like I'm barely hanging on. It's good though, especially for someone who loves to live in a nice and tidy box with tidy compartments, where everything fits just so. I'm learning to go with the flow, shrug my shoulders and say.. "I'm game." Most important, realizing as long as I've got Mr. Man, the kids, the dogs, & Boo the Fish... it's gonna be awesome, whatever "it" maybe.

As of today, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can see the bottom of the Inbox. Things are getting checked off the to do list. It feels really good to be crazy busy, and then have it come to an end. When it's over, you can't help but feel happy like there are limitless possibilities as to what you could do with your time. I can't wait to clear off my desk and lounge in the sun. See you on the 16th!

Sunday, April 05, 2009


I was terrified leading up to Mr. Boy's yellow belt test, but he aced it. And I swear as I watched him bow and accept his belt, I flashed forward to the 2020 Olympics and envisioned Mr. Boy bowing and accepting a gold medal.
But for now, I'm just stoked to have someone around the house to practice karate with!