Sunday, March 30, 2008

You'z Guys should be jealous...

It was a Ya Ya Girls Weekend at the Beachhouse. I cannot describe how much I love these ladies. They love me unconditionally despite all my many flaws, and being around that is refreshing. I am truly grateful them, and my life is better and easier with them as my personal cheerleaders. L to R: Moi, BooBoo, Bob, Steph, & Nettie

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Mr. Boy picked his own tie out this year, and declared that he MUST have matching socks to go with his tie. Ahhhhh yes... the joys of a little girl. Buying an outrageously expensive white dress, she will wear to Easter Services, with matching bonnet, and then again to overpriced portrait studio, where we will purchase an insanely large portrait package that will allow every friend and family member to have an 11x14 of AK.
By the way, I still firmly believe in little girls in smocked dresses and easter bonnets on Easter Sunday. I also wished more people wore hats to Sunday Services.
And our attempt at kids together shots... failed miserably.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Megatron meet Smilodon

I can hear the audible groan as someone thinks this is another Justice League posts or it's me bragging about my friendship with the real Wonder Woman. Not even close.... it's a post about Mr. Man. A peek into the man who was brave and daring enough to vow to love. honor, and cherish, knowing full well he would be living on the brink of insanity.

We could pretend that Mr. Man and I are the definition of HOTT and Popularity. We aren't, we embrace it, and enjoy the life we have. Mr. Man is a Techno-Geek. He has made a fine living from his techno-geekiness, which I have benefited from. A week ago, Mr. Man decided he wanted to buy AppleTV (Yaki, Anna, & Kentalope I know you'll apprecate me plugging your favorite stock!) It's a seriously cool gadget that lets you just pick a movie from the menu to watch. So, it's all set up and then Mr. Man starts just yammering on about "how we need a new webserver to really optimize AppleTV". He said something about a processor and a Terrabyte and next thing you know I'm staring off at space and daydreaming of the Neiman Marcus Shoe Salon. Oooo... I so want to be into this stuff as much as I love shoes, for Mr. Man's sake... but I just can't make the leap in my brain.
Fast Forward a week or so, and suddenly Mr. Man arrives home from a long week at the office and there is a certain spring in his step. A twinkle in his eye, and then he pronounces he's bought a new webserver, and it's called..... The SMILODON. It sounds like a bad 80's sci fi movie or a type of dinosaur.
This was my view the rest of the weekend of Mr. Man. Since he brought the SMILODON home, all I've been doing when I walk by is say... "In a land far far away... the SMILODON waits to attack" in my best movie trailer voice. Or "Smilodon meets Megatron" I can NOT stop making fun of it. However, I'm running out of SMILODON jokes... People... Help me out!

Monday, March 17, 2008

If I had to do life over again... I'd skip Geometry

If I had to do life over again... I'd skip Geometry and pay more attention to the details and structure of power in the Justice League. The Justice League is HUGE at our house, there are capes hung on the bedpost everynight, and multiple outfits for different Justice League heros. Last week, the real "Wonder Woven" came to our house and had lunch. She taught Mr. Boy the finer points of being a superhero. She even raced him around the yard. He has NOT STOPPED TALKING ABOUT THAT LUNCH. We wear Batman outfits to the grocery store, Superman to the Doctor, and it has NOT been forgotten, nor forgiven that I did not buy the $49.99 Flash Costume last Halloween. All day, I have deep conversations about the details of the Justice League. Does Flash Fly? Why does Lex Luther want to destroy Superman? How old was Green Lantern when he got his superpowers? Is the Justice League on the same team as the Power Rangers? Did Batman and "Wonder Woven" ever have children? I have no answer for these questions... is there a Justice League Handbook somewhere? I LOVE this phase! I've fully embraced it. Tonight, Mr. Boy got dressed in his Superman outfit to get ready for the nightly meeting with the Justice League. Superman starts off with a monologue, and Mr. Boy jumps up and says.. "Oh shoot! I'm speaking.." and he stands on the couch, and turns to address the TV. He then mumbles along with Superman. In his head, he IS Superman. He jumps around the room while watching Justice League, fighting the good fight with his superhero friends. Watching TV, is not a passive activity with him, it involves ALL his concentration, as he leaps around the room.
And just check out sweet Skoopi, she is totally watching the show, with the same intense concentration. There is a little bit of trepidation on her face, will the Justice League truly conquer evil again?

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I've got some seriously Irish kids... Mr. Boy, if he had his way, would have been drunk by nine this morning if we let him. We aren't even kidding, that's a story for another day. This truly is Mr. Boys holiday. He had his BEST day EVER at school today. And last night he was so excited he tried to color his arms green.
We wore our special green shirt so we wouldn't get "tickled". Mr. Boys fabulous teacher said, no pinching, just tickles! And the lepruchans came and made mischeif in our kitchen, leaving only teeny lepruchan size bowls. Normally, they turn our milk green, however, someone who shall remain nameless, but his name rhymes with Mr. Ban, didn't put away the food coloring properly, so we found the green all dried out this morning. Foiled again by "The Man". Then we all had special lunches today, with Shamrock sandwiches, green chips, and green candy.
Also, we had Corned Beef Sandwiches all weekend. Mr. Boy loved them asked to have them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You turn your back for one second...

And your kids look like this...

And then you download the pictures off your camera and realize your camera was stolen by a 4 year old. And then get this priceless photo of my dad catching Mr. Boy with the camera while he was babysitting.

Five kids, five and under....

We had some pals with us a week or so ago and went to the zoo. I loved having 5 kids all 5 and under with me, they were so much fun. Having our favorite playpals spend some time with us in the last few months has been a really great experience for our family. It has brought about some small epiphanies and taught me some things about my myself and my children that have been invaluable. Our playpal's momma is feeling better, which is fantastic news, but I'd really like to keep the kids and not give them back!

One thing I noticed is... getting five kids to smile at the same time..... it doesn't happen.
So, instead, go with no faces showing... These guys... again... they crack me up. I LOVE how sweet he is with her. "Do you want to go look at the turtles next?" "Let me help you open that door" "Would you like to wear my batman pajamas?"
Here he is proposing...
ok, not really, so maybe I adlibbed that last part, but aren't they cute together!

Wow... this place was a BLAST!

Last week we went to the Children's Museum of LaHabra and had so much fun. I didn't even have a clue where La Habra was, but we found it thanks to Maggie, our trusted GPS.
They have a BUS... INSIDE the museum. That was my favorite part. You can touch, and play with EVERYTHING! We all took turns drving the bus. I secretly always wanted to be a bus driver, and open the door and let people on and off.
They have a costume room, with a stage, light booth, pianos, and a mic. We took turns re enacting a scene from MacBeth, which we read from every night before bed. Ok, not really, but we did sing some Green Day at the top of our lungs on the stage.
This is AK, practicing using the The Red Phone at the pretend Mayor's office. She was practicing for the day, when she becomes President. Mr. Boy is off pretending to be Fireman Johnny Gage. They have a carousel that plays even more annoying music than the one at South Coast Plaza, but the kids loved it. AK rode around perfecting her Miss America wave to the crowd. *elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist,*
We ate lunch at the park behind the museum, and a woman was there with her two darling PUPPIES! She let the kids play with them, and it was hard to leave those sweet doggies behind. There are few things in the world that are better than puppies in my book.
Seriously, this place was so much fun, so fun that we bought a pass. Any of you who want to join us, just ring me up! There are barely any pics of Mr. Boy in this post, because he was a blur as he ran around touching and playing with everything.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Tagged... by Stacy

Two Names you go by: Sadly, I don't really have a nickname. Even my children mostly refer to me as Wendy. I've ALWAYS wanted a nickname. I tried to call myself Kaykay in High School, it never caught on. I told Steph about my secret desire to have a nickname, and gave her a few suggestions... she came up with PeePee.
Two things you are wearing right now: My grandmothers ring, and my running shoes.
Two of your favorite things to do: Shopping and hanging out with my friends.
Two favorite pets you have or have had: Oooo that's a tough one. I have loved them all. From Cinders the Wondercat who I had since birth to 19 years old, or the Fat Labs that are in my life right now.
Two things you ate today: A real strawberry shake, my personal favorite, & Jelly Beans.
Two people you last talked to: Mr. Man & some random man at the gym, who claimed he knew me from some TV show...
Two things you’re doing tomorrow: Swimming at the Gym & a Birthday party, and Oh! a date with Mr. Man.
Two longest car rides: Blech! My family never did the long car rides. So, it's probably Utah & Phoenix. I hate to fly, but I'd rather fly than drive. I go crazy in a car after two hours, you can ask Mr. Man. He has to pull over and let me out to run for a bit.

A morning for me...

A few weeks ago, my pal Cinnamon, (yes.. her real name) said.. "Hey I just saw Diablo Cody and you kind of look like her. You should get your haircut like her... and so I did.
The end.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Cookie Monster...

Since my new oven is accurate, I'm doing something I rarely do.... making cookies!! Mr. Boy loves to help me bake, and got to try out his tasting skills for the first time. (I never let him eat the dough because of salmonella, turns out it was a wise move, he has had an egg allergy he is starting too outgrow... see my neurosis pays off sometimes!) Here he is tasting the dough.... Yes he's wearing footie jammies... yes... I've heard he might be too old for them, but dang it he looks so cute in them when he climbs into bed! So, this batch of cookies wasn't quite ready until after bedtime. However, we found evidence that someone may have sneaked out to retrieve a cooling cookie.... based on the crumbs in his bed, and this face... And does this kid looked zonked out or what... check out the hand on his head like.... he is stressing, he is sleeping so hard. Notice the chocolate around his mouth..... that wasn't there at bedtime.

Then, a few days later, I had some cookie dough in the fridge, because there is nothing better than warm cookies out of the oven (with ice cream of course). Mr. Boy woke up early, and walked into the kitchen to retrieve a snack. He opened the fridge to find: carrots, apple slices, cookie dough, or cheese. Any guesses which one he chose? I'm sure he thought he had died and gone to heaven, no mom in sight, and tons of sugary dough. We awoke to find a boy lying on the couch with a very swollen stomach, and 2/3rds of the cookie dough gone. On the way to preschool, his little tummy was bulging through the carseat straps, he moaned "my tummy hurts". I told him that's what happens when you eat a lot of cookie dough. He sighed and responded "I know... but it was SO SO good." At preschool, he proudly lifted up his shirt and showed his class his full tummy, patted it, and proudly said, "it's full of cookie dough!"

It's rained a bunch over the past few weeks. We love it! The whole family is outfitted with multiple rainboots, perfect for puddle jumping. Mr. Boy, just like Mr. Man likes to wear his PJ's all day long on Saturday.

A peek into my life... right now...

Purple seems to be the color of everyone's finance files this year as they come strutting into my office. Last year, it seemed like the hot color was Red.

Are you taxes sitting on my desk waiting to be compiled? Lots to see in this pic, if you look close.

The book is New Moon that is on desk, and is currently interfering with my long to do list. Underneath that is well the financial history of 2007 for several people. I'm sure they are going to see the book, and think.. "Hey... stop reading, get back to work!"

The necklace has been recently found after being missing for months. I love it. I went to a Jewelry Party with good food and friends. The Jeweler talked to each of the guests and got to know them a bit during the party and later would suggest a piece based on what she learned about you. I tried this on, very skeptical, but it is just so ME! The first time I wore it, I had someone at the bank comment on it. It's my "signature piece".... do you have a signature style piece? I firmly believe in that.

The top, you can see perscriptions... no fun. Such is my life... This freaky body just makes me crazy sometimes. And in the cubby next to it... some gift cards that need to be spent on something indulgent!

Happy Tax Season to you and yours!