Sunday, March 29, 2009

They must really like me...

Because during Tax Season, my already diminished brain becomes even smaller.... And I do things like... Send them to school with cheese sandwiches that have the plastic wrapper still on the cheese slice. They didn't even tell me, I just found their sandwiches with just one bite taken out of them still in their lunchbox. I can just imagine them sitting at their little tables during Lunch and looking at each other and saying... "She's a little nutty, that mother of ours"

Soon kiddos! Very soon, I'll emerge from tax season and I'll remember to unwrap the cheese before I place it on the sandwich.

Friday, March 20, 2009


This is the scene that plays out at 6:26pm every Friday. Mr. Man comes home from his week away. We stand outside and watch for his car to appear from around the bend. Even the dogs wait patiently... everyone is excited and in a good mood. He arrives!There are hugs and kisses...
Sometimes one hug more.. it's been a long week
"Oh Hello Skoop-ti-doo" with a scratch behind the ears
Even Skoopi thinks "T.G.I.F. and he is HOME!"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

You know those bumper stickers...

You know those bumper stickers that proclaim that "My kid is Student of the Hour at The Blahbity Blah School" or some other bragging tidbit about how smart your kid is?

I prefer to brag in pictures... My kid is smarter than your kid because...Every week I get to watch my precious and genius Five Year Old ascend the steps to Higher Education.Where he takes a class at Pepperdine University, making him a real life Doogie Howser. And you know all those mummy's who are constantly making you feel like a loser because you were neglectful by not putting your child into Baby Bach classes or the mega expensive sports league, or tell you that your child is going to grow up to be a babbling imbecile because you work, or can't bake a decent cupcake.... Whaddaya think of me now? Yeah! Take that!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patricks Day

AK & Mr. Man have some Irish roots, however Mr. Boy is like Super Mega Irish boy. When he was a baby, I was stopped all the time by Irish folk who would remark at what a beautiful Irish Baby he was. Somehow over the years, St. Patrick's Day evolved into a huge holiday. The leprechauns have come to visit and cause mischief. Last Year they stole our bowls and left us leprchaun sized bowls. This year, they left footprints, and drew on our walls. They stole our bowls, and cups... leaving only the green ones behind. Next year, Mr. Boy wants to create an elaborate trap.We made clover shaped cookies to go with our corned beef and cabbage dinner. Lunches are green food with a shamrock sandwich. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays, no gifts, just good food, frivolity, and family. Happy St. Patricks Day!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Relaxipants (tm)

I'm knee deep in tax season, and all I can think about this week is crawling into bed and having some serious R & R, which reminded me of this Mr. Boy-ism.When Mr. Boy was two, he asked to wear his "Relaxipants (tm)". That was his term for his favorite pair of comfy pants, and it's stuck. Mr. Boy is passionate about Relaxipants (tm) and puts them on every chance he gets. He has s a list of criteria a mile long for a good solid pair of Relaxipants(tm). One day, I will manufacture a whole line of Relaxipants (tm). After all... It's a fantastic term for fantastic pants.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Chick Fest 2009

I like to keep my life pretty compartmentalized, right down to my friends. These are "The Chicks". We live all over the nation, but manage to get together every once in a while. Thanks to the modern miracle called the Internet we get to chat often. There is usually hijinks and hilarity involved and it's like an episode of Beavis and Butthead meets Sex in the City.
And just like all my friends, they have nicknames to... adding further insult to the fact that I only have the nickname of Pee Pee bestowed on me by Stef, after I begged for a nickname. From left to right: Bubele, Bling, Mo, K, Yaki, & Tingle. Missing from the pic is: Kerrtucky, Michelley, & Bay (who lives by me, and is a real pal, I even let her mix into other compartments of my life! She has no idea how lucky or rare that is.)

We got together for a fundraising event that one of "the chicks" was organizing. It was a scrapbooking event. Did you just fall over? Yeah, I totally went to a scrapbook event... and I even have my own rolly-tote, thanks to Mr. Man. However, I basically just waved deco scissors in the air and pretended that I was working on a masterpiece. But I looked good and super officially doing it..
We also got together at Disneyland and I brought along the Jr. chick. And without her pesky brother, she got to go on the scary rides that he won't go on.
And Mo sent home Mickey Mouse cupcakes for the kiddos. They inhaled them. I still crack up that Mr. Boy closes his eyes when he eats really good food. It is like he savors every bite so much he has to shut off his other senses. He might have some potential to be a food connoisseur.

Raising a Little Shopaholic....

An old friend of mine recently had a baby girl and I am so thrilled for them. My automatic reaction was "Ohhhh congrats... and you will never be wealthy... little girls clothes are more costly and more powerful than Kryptonite." Just in case anyone needed some photographic evidence of such... Here is AK's little shoebox of a closet crammed full of dresses. I'm really hoping the next house has a couple of giant closets, one for me, another for my beloved shoes, and one for AK. I think Mr. Man & Mr. Boy can share some hall cupboard somewhere...