Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yes gets Down & Dirty, Where does Yes take you, Part 3

Part of an ongoing project called, "The Yes Project", where I resolve to say YES more to opportunities that come my way.  Click here to see the other posts.

My friend Hillary called me during February and said, "Hey let's do a mud run in 2 months!" When I started to balk at the idea, she said, "Just say YES!" and so I did.  I didn't quite comprehend that I would have to train during tax season.   To say I was unprepared was an understatement.   I had felt a chest cold coming on the day before and neglected to read the course map.  I had no idea that we would be running 17 kilometers of our 5k uphill.  (Maybe it was more like 2.6 kilometers uphill.)  It definitely made me reevaluate whether or not this race was a good idea somewhere around the 2 kilometer mark. 

Before I left home, I was inspired by these little love notes on my computer from Mr. Man. 
 This mud run consisted of a 5k with Military-style obstacles interspersed.  We scaled walls, army crawled through tunnels, did push ups, and crawled through mud pits.  Here we are prior to the race, optimistic, and full of life.
There were moments during the race where I thought, "I paid to torture myself, what was I thinking?"  But, I am also amazed at how incredible our bodies are and grateful that our bodies do these crazy things. 
 There is nothing in the world like crossing that finish line. 
 We came, we ran, we conquered and had the time of our life!
I am so glad that I said yes, and I will definitely say yes to doing it next year!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Grey and Gray

When I woke up this morning to go for a morning walk, everything was grey and a steady drizzle was falling.  The hillside was covered in drops of silvery dew and when I came home the house was warm and cozy. 
My children were sleeping soundly while the clock chimed that it was time to get ready for the school day.  Yet,  I couldn't bring myself to wake my slumbering children, their bodies must really need the extra sleep.  Perhaps we could skip today, stay inside, read books, and watch movies.  So we did just that.    
While the kids slept until well past 10, I worked on this chair, my very first attempt at a "Tufted Chair".  Destined for Mr. Boy's room, I think it might just end up in my room, it looks like a perfect spot to curl up with a book
I have been dying to paint the living room grey all tax season long, but I have a long list of fix-it's that need to be tackled first.  So, I used my favorite trick of painting swatches behind a painting, so that you don't random squares of paint on your walls while you try to decide the hue.  
What do you vote for the top (Bay Waves) or the Bottom (Gravity)?  

Monday, April 16, 2012

Where does YES take you? Part 2

**Part in an ongoing series where I make an effort to sayYes more to the opportunities that come my way, aka The Yes Project**  
Let me introduce you to my pal Mrs. Berg. 
She is my kryptonite, I just can't say no to her.  Whenever Mrs. Berg is around, things get a little crazy and it's always a good time.  One minute your on the set of a tv show, next thing you know you are in a van pulled over on Sunset Blvd, and while one of you is puking in a trash can, you are all high fiving each other as you proclaim this, "The best vacation ever!"   

Mrs. Berg and a bunch of my friends came into town for a girls weekend right in the middle of tax season.  It was brutal, because I wanted to spend my time with my friends, but I had to work.  I loved that they worked around my schedule and we spent late nights giggling together.  
Cupcakes?  Yes please, and one thing is for sure, these gals know their cupcakes.
Thanks to Mr. Neighborstein and his sweet hookup, we got to be VIP guests at The Tonight Show.  (My apologies Conan, I feel like a cheater, but you haven't sent me VIP tix.) 
Again, I must point out that when Mrs. Berg is around, you never know what will happen.   We got lost trying to get back to our car, and ended up using this phone for help.  It doesn't give you the kind of help you think it would.
Then on another night, Mrs. Berg hooked us up to be guests in the studio with the Tim Conway Jr. Show.
I think I might have a career in radio, because I received two Golden Mic awards for my performance.  They are shockingly lighter than they look. 
 It was a crazy few days crammed with lots of great memories.... so glad I said, "Yes, Mrs. Berg... I'll go anywhere with you."

Thursday, April 12, 2012


There are two times out of the year that I get to take my darling children and dress them in ridiculous outfits,   Christmas and Easter. Even Baby Roller Hand gets a new dress to match the kiddos.
And then I force them to put their arms around each other and pretend to love each other. 
I beg and plead with them, "Please smile, Please, I beg of you of you, just one good picture."
Personally, I love little girls in Easter Bonnets and girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes.
Finally, my countless bribes and endless pleading pays off.  
Do you think these guys are going to mind if I make them dress in matching clothes when they are in college?

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Mind Reading

Mr. Boy is obsessed with my cell phone. He constantly asks to play on it and we are trying to be one of those family's that actually communicates verbally instead of via text.

The other day Mr. Boy was relentless in begging to play on my phone. I was trying to hold him off during our ten minute drive to baseball.  Surely, we can handle a ten minute car ride without Angry Birds.
Mr. Boy:  Moooooom, why not?
Moi:  Because I want to talk to you.  Tell me something funny that happened at school today.
Mr. Boy: I don't really like talking, you know that I'm not the talking kind of guy. And nothing funny ever happens at school.  School is boring.
Moi:  Tell me something terrible that happened today at school.
Mr. Boy:  Nothing happened
Moi:  Did aliens invade your school today? 
Mr. Boy:  Stoooooooop! Mom, just let me play with the phone.  
Moi:  No.  
*notices pensive looking man waiting for the bus* 
Moi:  Mr. Boy what do you think that man is thinking about?  
Mr. Boy:  He's wondering why his mom won't let him play on her iPhone.  

I could not help but burst out laughing, I mean c'mon, he gets at least two points for being witty.  If only he was that determined in learning fractions....  how on earth am I going to survive the teenage years with this kid?