Monday, November 09, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015

I swear having a little girl is like having your own Barbie doll to dress up.  Last year when she told me she wanted to be Mary Poppins for Halloween, I jumped at the chance, because c'mon she is ridiculously adorable.
 She loved all the posing, she loved dressing up, and she loved singing Mary Poppins songs while wearing her costume.  
 As for Mr. Boy, he is too cool for most stuff these days, except he loved this loose interpretation of his favorite condiment, A Sriracha Bottle. 
As for the dogs, this year I wrestled them into costumes that made me laugh, but they hated them. 
I swear Zeena Warrior Princess is going to eat my face off.  Zoey seemed pretty happy to be a football player, but she did not need the extra padding, she's got plenty of her own padding.
Happy Halloween!