Friday, December 02, 2016

Five for Friday - Dec 2nd

1.   We pulled out all the Christmas Decorations and I just can't get excited about them.  Anyone know where Jeanette Isabella's torch is?  Because I'd like to borrow it and torch all my Christmas Decorations.  I think it's time to mix it up decor wise. 
2.  The Christmas pajamas and giant box of Christmas Books will stay, because my kids are already diving into them. This Jan Brett Book is our favorite! Oh, and Who Will Guide My Sleigh Tonight?  I could probably list 60 Christmas books that are our favorite... we pretty much love all of them.

3. My family is currently loving this soup recipe, Chicken and Wild Rice.  I chop up the carrots and celery in the food processor so it's super fine and even threw some riced cauliflower in there to give it more veggies.  They love the leftovers and shhh... don't tell them but tonight's batch was really made with Turkey!   Also, I made Broth with the Turkey bones in the Instant Pot.  Holy cow, it was so easy, and so tasty.  Just popped the bones in the Instant Pot for 2 hours with water some celery, carrots, onion, and garlic.

4.  I was explaining to my kids about how lucky they are that we don't have a lot of turkey leftovers.  My kids will never understand how tired we would get of eating Turkey when I was really little.  My mom made Turkey Casserole, Turkey Chow Mein, Turkey Sloppy Joes, Turkey Tacos for weeks after Thanksgiving and it was all gross.  She would freeze the Turkey and it always had freezer burn and she would pretend it was chicken, but it was always leftover Turkey. I remember sneaking into the kitchen at night and stealing Cheerios because I had boycotted dinner.  
5.  We had an unTraditional Thanksgiving this year and it was a big hit.  My kids were thrilled to do something out of the ordinary and I loved not having to worry about making a big fancy meal. Although, it was torturous driving home to a neighborhood full of delicious Turkey smells... so we did a small Turkey dinner a few days later.   I think my kids are sold on unTraditional Thanksgiving!