Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's just like living in an episode of Dukes of Hazzard...

My brothers and I loved watching TV during the summer days. We watched The Price is Right faithfully (moment of silence for the passing of Bob's tall skinny mic), The Incredible Hulk, Emergency!, CHiPs, and best of all.. The Dukes of Hazzard.

So, today I'm driving Nathan to Sports Camp, and my car starts locking and unlocking itself. It's going crazy!! I get to school, and we are all locked in. I think to myself, "What would Luke & Duke do in my situation?" So, I climb out of the window and pull the kids out the same way. After dropping Nathan off, we head over to the Honda Dealer.
*Me... climbing out the window of my car.
The very best way to get helped quickly is to climb out the window of your car. "Ma'am.. what ARE you doing?" Of course, because they are the dealer and are theiving crooks they inform me it's not under warranty and it's almost $100 to "just take a peek at the problem". I'm not gonna lie, I'm not having the best week, or past two weeks for that matter. Don't mess with me, when I'm not having a good week. I made a huge giant scene... and now all is well, the car will be fixed and washed and ready in the morning. Out of pocket cost: $0
So, we have a third car. I'm hanging on to it, because it reminds me of my youth. It has no airbags, 3 working seatbelts, and the back gate doesn't stay open. This car can be a pain to move around to avoid parking tickets, but today it was a lifesaver. The kids think it's hilarious they get to sit next to each other. Nathan proclaimed that this car was his favorite car in the whole world. "It's the coolest car in the world, mom" No sweetie... that maroon VW bus mom has her eye on... now that is the COOLEST car in the world .

I have suspected that Mr. Man (aka Ross or Russell) doesn't read the blog. That's too bad, because there's something in this next pic that will be gone for good unless he protests before 5pm. However, I also post this pic because Amanda (notice the boots again!!) suddenly thinks Skoopi is her horse. Skoopi is NOT AMUSED. Here Skoopi is bucking her off, and she laughed and laughed, and tried to climb on again.

Monday, June 25, 2007

This was a first for me...

Two kids in time out at the same time. An all out brawl had just taken place over a ball. Neither of them were being nice, so both got sent to their naughty spots. This girl is finally back in the mode of wearing clothes... phew! She pointed to these cowboy boots at the store and wanted them on her feet right then at the store. She has worn them everyday since.
This boy has discovered dressing himself, which means picking out his own clothes. I'm not sure I really like it, but so far he has pretty good taste. He likes long sleeve shirts the best and shorts. Also, check out his first real barber shop haircut.
And for Father's Day. Nathan came up with this great idea to get Daddy a pair of Crocs just like his. We did, but long story short it wasn't a surprise. We were panicking for a gift idea. Too bad the iPhone didn't come out in time for Father's Day. Then my pal Steph had a brilliant idea, so Ross got a pair of checkerboard vans, just like Nathan!! Helloooooo 1984... And dude... Ross looks hammered in this pic. Apparently, we'd been partying hard the night before or something. Also notice Nathan's outfit.... another long sleeve shirt and shorts ensemble.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Visit to Nana & Grandpa's.

This pool took almost from sun-up to sun down to blow up. However, it was perfect for the kids to play in at Nana's and Grandpas house.
Here is my mom with Amanda who is getting warmed up after her swim.
Nathan & Myself self portrait.
And Amanda, my mom, and "Freaky Doll". This doll is taller than Nathan, and out of the corner of my eye it freaks me out that there is a child watching me. Freaky doll resided at my parents house and got to come home with us for a bit. She is troublesome in that she is too tall for Amanda to drag around. She gets caught in doorways and corners. Also, Freaky Doll rode on Ak's lap home and I feared the whole time that I would get pulled over for having an unrestrained passenger. Also, seeing that dolls head bobbing along in my rearview mirror creeped me out.

Monday, June 11, 2007

People... being a BIG GIRL ROCKS!

Finally... at the age of 30 I have a Big Girl Bed. You know, a bed where there is an actual bedframe. The bed is HUGE, the bedroom is tiny, but oddly enough I think the room feels bigger... more spacious... more grown up. Here's the bed... Baby Girl and Labrador used for scale purposes only.
It arrived Saturday, and Saturday night I couldn't sleep, because I just wanted to stare at my new bed. I tried using my "itty bitty booklight" to illuminate my bed.... but it just wasn't the same effect. Now, it's time to get serious about paint colors and bed linens. Ross... gave the big thumbs down on white linens... BOOO!!
And that green and yellow dresser in the first pic, is a lovely antique my mom gave me as a wedding gift. I'm thinking it will go in my living room. Obviously, we decorated the old room around it. It will be replaced by another dresser that will match in a few weeks. And here is a shot of the top of my dresser. It contains a small jewelry box, a box that Nathan made me for Mother's Day, and my Elvis snow globe. It was a gift from my pal, and each and every night I shake it before bed.

Also.. some pics from the weekend... It was the Official neighborhood "Welcome to Summer Party" and then we went to our friend's house for a Basketball party. Both TOTALLY fun. Ross or "Russell" as he is known around the neighborhood... (ok.. maybe... just one neighbor calls him that), anyway... Ross spent 90% of the time in the bouncehouse teaching Amanda how to jump... she LOVED IT! He is an amazing dad.I don't actually think we saw Nathan at the party except for this mere glimpse of him. He played with the big kids the WHOLE time. So fun, and I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe for the next 18 years I don't have to watch him every single minute if there is something safe to occupy him. I actually held several lovely adult conversations that were toddler lingo free.
And my dear friends, we are starting a fund... it's called the "Dude... we need a pool" fund.* Also, here is a rare shot of my ginormous forehead. Notice the two kids have them as well, apparently we were meant to adopt them, because we can help them navigate life with a big forehead that houses in enormous brain.

*Donations can be made via paypal.
We had the best time swimming with the kids at our friends house. The wee ones loved sitting in the hot tub with us, and again, we had more adult conversations with people while the kids happily played with the jets. It was a shocking weekend full of grown up conversations and a grown up bed.... it's surreal.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's the MOST Wonderful time of the YEAR!

We went to the beach last night, and these are our favorite beach shoes. Everyone has a pair of Crocs for the Beach, and they are hideous but comfy. This pic of allthe shoes piled in the sink after getting rinsed off, just spells S.U.M.M.ER. to me. I am GRATEFUL that we live close enough to go to the beach for an hour, and it only takes 15-20 minutes from door to sand. We went at sunset last night, and it was perfect.

If I hit the Lotto, I would do this everyday. I love having fresh flowers in my house. I smile every time I walk into the kitchen.

It was the last day of school for Nathan. I love the rhythm of the school year, but enjoy the carefree days of summer. I like napping the afternoon away, and staying out late with the kids. I love going to bookstore at 9pm with the kids and read a magazine while the kids play and browse in the kids books.
And my other reason why I love this time of year. The Nordstroms sale. I take a few hours off of work every year and go. It's my indulgence. Last year I met up with Lindsey, who has become a fabulous personal shopper. She knows my style, and she has come up with fabulous items that are very much "me". This year she picked out an outfit for an upcoming corporate thing... FYI.. the shopper thing is free, and seriously... they are great about knowing your price range. This outfit she picked was tres CHEAP. Also, did you know Bath & Body Works has a semi annual sale at the SAME TIME? Who knew?

Also, thanks for the good thoughts for my mom. The surgery went "as expected" today.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Ever feel like this....

Your just sooo sooo tired, you fall asleep wherever in the most uncomfortable position, but you don't care. (Kerry, I'm sure you can relate) After a day of swimming and a bunch of late nights, Nathan just couldn't help but take a quick nap.
And our late nights are due to Ross's Basketball tournament. This week is the playoffs... Hooray! It's fun watching Ross play. Nathan and Amanda made these shirts to wear to cheer him on. We rented Night at the Museum for Nathan, and he watched most of the movie like this, hiding behind the couch. Now that he has seen it once, he wants to watch it all the time. He loves the Dinosaur and soldiers.
This is my Dad, who saved us several hundred bucks by repairing our shower. This old house of ours is in need of some TLC, slowly we are working on this. I drive by these new houses and part of me thinks... ooooo no septic tanks, no hard to find shower valves, no outdated wiring, and I think that would be soooo nice. However... then I step into my backyard... and this old house is totally worth the upkeep. And Nathan loved spending one on one time with his grandparents today. He was so excited to see them when they picked him up from school.

And summer is coming..... I can smell it in the air. It's the fog.. the June Gloom... my favorite part of the year. I love swinging in the backyard as the fog rolls in.