Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This makes me laugh...

This makes me laugh every time I see it....

"Put your hands up and empty the register!!! This is a hold... oh crap"

Note to self: Don't put moisturizer on hands just before robbing a convenient store.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Tree

This is our Christmas tree forest.... decorated a la Nathan.

Heidi Swapp, who is a marketing scrapbook genius, because she sells "scrapbook sandpaper" for $4.99. Which is just a stack of 2x2 sheets of sandpaper in cute packaging. Anyway... Heidi Swapp has this pic of her Christmas Tree forest.

Anyway.. I have my own version of a forest, where all the garland is weighing down a spindly tinsel tree.... a tiny baby tree is currently being dragged around by crawling Amanda.... And on the big tree... All the ornaments are clustered together by groups. (Farm Animals together, snowmen together, Santas together) And.... all the ornaments are on the bottom half. However, I LOVE IT! I'm fully embracing my bottom heavy decorated tree. This is such a magical age with the kids at Christmas.
At the end of "decorating" the tree Nathan took all the ornaments off and wanted to decorate it again later. So far he's redecorated every day.

Girls Weekend.... Again!

Wahoo!!! I attended a surprise girl's weekend for my friend Laura. (pictured l to r: Linda, Laura, Cinnamon, Jai, and moi)

My friends Laura & Cinnamon are probably my oldest friends. (Yes, Cinnamon is her real name, no that's not her profession) Cinnamon & Laura have known me for over 11 years. They met me when I was really young and ridiculously dumb. Much like Ross, they must have seen something buried beneath the layers of immaturity, because they've stuck it out with me. I truly can not imagine "growing up" without them. They have influenced and impacted me for the better. I know what Laura wished for on her birthday... to spend eternity with me in some commune in the mountains. And Laura.. if your willing to move the commune to the beach... I'm there!

I came home to find the house decorated with Christmas Lights!!!

I have the best husband!!! For mulitiple reasons, but one being that I have always wanted to have Christmas lights on my house!! And this year he did it and surprised me. It's fun that this is a first for me & the kids.

I snapped this cute pic of Nathan, Sandy, and Amanda enjoying the lights on the front porch. Nathan likes to go out every night to watch the "Christmas Tree Lights on our house".