Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Some Older Pics...

The week after Tax Day, Ross took some time off and we spent some good quality family time together. I came across the pictures today, and thought they deserved to be blogged.

We went to the LA Zoo. Nathan went from animal to animal saying "Okay, let's go see some more" I couldn't resist a pic of my cuties in their ginormous hats. If you ever see some gal in a big floppy hat with two kids in monsterous hats... it's probably me... That night Ross and I went out for the night. Dinner, Shopping, and off to see Wicked. It was fun to hang out around Hollywood.
(And this is classic Ross... almost every photo of us he has his tongue out. Super mature, eh.) Ross took Nathan to the Aquarium one of those days. I LOVE this pic!!

My new favorite project is our bedroom. The furniture has been purchased, now it's time to shop for Bed Linens!! I am LOVING THIS!! It's a good distraction and a fun project. I enjoy a good trivial and trite dilema... such as what threadcount do I want?

Friday, May 18, 2007


Let me introduce you to Sprinkles. They are one of these ultra trendy cupcake places. They claim to be the original of the "cupcake bakeries". The cupcakes are delicious, much better than I'll ever make, and the frosting to cake ratio is perfect. I'm not a cake kind of person, but I enjoy a Sprinkles cupcake. They are the perfect little "something" to bring someone. Such as my pal Cinnamon, yes that's her real name, and no that's not her profession. I bought some cupcakes for her, and some for me. I saved them until I got home in the wee hours of the morning yesterday, and went to get a cup of milk to enjoy them with. When I got back to the cupcakes 2 seconds later, they were GONE. Just one little crumb remained. Meet Sandy, our original problem child. This dog is SMART and manipulative. She knows the punishment will be temporary, but the bliss from a full stomach of people food will last for hours. What's that under Sandy's paw? Oh, that's a Sprinkles box. Sandy had inhaled the cupcakes off my plate. This is the dog, who limps because she claims to have a bad hip. Looks like the hip is not bothering her enough to prevent her from getting up on the counter. ARGGHH!! I was reminded that Sprinkles has special cupcakes for dogs, and Sandy is wicked smart, so maybe she's sending me a message not to forget her next time I go. And this is Cim, who had a birthday and recieved Sprinkles cupcakes! We went out last night and stayed out late and indulged in lots of reckless behavior. She's known me since the dawn of time, and we laugh nonstop together. We couldn't stop laughing long enough to take a good pic either.
After dinner we hit Pinkberry AKA Frozen Heroin in a cup. It's another hip spot, and we people watched while we enjoyed it's not-frozen yogurt goodness. This place is crazy busy, with a line out the door the ENTIRE time we were there. Apparently Pinkberry has been under some fire lately, because they claimed it's non-fat frozen yogurt. Turns out it isn't really frozen yogurt. This is all very reminiscent of a Seinfeld episode. Anyway, they are too cheap to get new cups, so they just put white tape on them.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Meet Hoppy!!

The newest member of our family... Hoppy. Nathan kept wanting to call it Suzy.. but we've done Suzy before.. .Suzy the Butterfly, Suzy the Ant, Suzy the Worm, Suzy the Roly Poly.

Nathan is very adept to catching the frog. The frog resides next to "Boo" the Fish, and "Nasty" the Tick that bit Ross.
Speaking of Ross, these are his pants, he wore to church on Mother's Day. Notice the GINORMOUS hole in them. I am an awful awful mean wife, and upon hearing that he walked around dropping the kids off at Sunday School with this giant hole in the rear of his pants, I laughed and laughed, and then laughed some more. I shouldn't laugh, but it was REALLY funny. The hole is over 9 inches... I have hung these up in the den, so I can look at them and chuckle some more.
Can you feel the winds of change coming? This weekend Ross and I are determined to sit down and figure out our new bedroom furniture. Want a sneak peek of some of the tear sheets we have narrowed our choices down too?

Ooooo, I can NOT wait!!

Monday, May 14, 2007


This cute girl... all girl... well except for the fact that she loves dinosaurs and cars. These boys went to the annual "Father & Son's" campout. They had a BLAST!! Nathan brought home a frog. Nathan can't wait to go "camping" again. (They didn't spend the night, just came home aroung 11pm) Ross got bit by a tick, which can't be good.Collapsed after a day of fun!
Bloomingdales just opened here!! I love it! I was invited to the Private Opening, before it opened to the public. I went with my pal Steph, and we had a blast. I went back today for a little shopping, and found this shirt. Nathan was sooo excited about it. He calls it his "skull" shirt. It's awesome and makes him look like a convict with a bad attitude. Perfect to wear while sitting on the time out chair.

And while the boys were at Fathers & Sons camping, I took her out for ice cream with some friends. I totally wish they made this cute dress in my size.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I've been tagged a couple times, and decided to do this... 7 random facts about me...

1. I love strollers. I am always scoping them out at the mall, and I drool over the fabulous ones. I don't know why, I'm totally enamored with them. I had 8 strollers at one time for personal use. I had a stroller import company, and at one point had a garage full of Austrian strollers. I would go out and look at them, every day.

2. I never did anything remotely athletic until the age of 29. Then I discovered endurance sports. Having a hurt knee is just killing me. I've been watching other runners go by while we eat breakfast, and I just want to get out there with them!

3. I love to BBQ.... but I'm not a huge meat eater.

4. I'm totally addicted to

5. I'm a medical wonder, and docs admittedly have chatted to their colleagues about my medical history.

6. I cannot stand the sound of ice scraping. It's one of the reasons I won't live in a cold climate.

7. The first year we were married, I could barely cook. We had spaghetti almost every night for a year. Ross never complained, not once.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Spent the afternoon at the pool....

"We spent the afternoon at the pool" sounds so fancy, when really it's nothing more than the biggest roundest plastic pool put in the side yard with a tarp over it (remember my kids are Irish, so it's either in the shade or an all out WWF Smackdown to slather them with sunscreen. ) There's even a lawnchair and sidetable for mom poolside. It's soooo not classy, but so much fun. The kids and Skoopi splash and play in the pool. It's cool, I sip a fancy beverage, soak my feet, read a magazine for an hour, the kids splash, splash, splash. Then everyone collapses at naptime, exhausted!

Speaking of naptime, these kids are starting to play together. Or more like Amanda follows Nathan around. These guys, both who refused to wear clothes over the weekend decided the laundry room is a perfect place to nap & snack.

Also, just a pic of Amanda last week. She kept pointing to herself in the mirror and saying "Pretty".

And a big shout out to Jai, who faithfully reads my blog. Sometimes I wonder if there is anyone out there... if you are reading post a comment!