Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad News Kid..

Bad News... looks like Dad drained your college savings to support a Lego Addiction.
On the upside it makes for some awesome Star Wars Lego Battles.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Chalet Appreciation: La Toilette

Mr. Man and I have never really been blessed with large bathrooms. Every single house we have lived in has had a teeny tiny bathroom with lovely pedastal sinks. Beautiful, but so impractical when it is your only bathroom. We've gotten good at using fewer items to primp, so that it all fits in the medicine cabinet. It's the reason why Mr. Man and I are not so glam... there has never been any room for the products! Enter in the le petits and we were always scrambling for space.Outside that window is nothing but hillside. I love the view, and love that I was able to watch this the other day while shampooing my hair. Hello Rupert!! I also love this curvy tub. I find it amazing that my very favorite faux sister has the same bathtub in her house... 1000 miles away from me. This bathroom has the original tile and I love it all. I hope to reglaze the tub, change the floor... it's got some major wear, and possibly the medicine cabinet. Also, the cabinets don't stay closed, and it drives my OCD side completely batty. It's a lovely 1950's bathroom and it will make the perfect kids bathroom after we finish up the remodel.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gro Boy, Gro!

It's planting time at Chalet du Francais. Gardening is a bit tricky at the chalet, we have to be wary of Rupert's growing appetite, the other deer, and the rabbits. I've never had to deal with wildlife. We decided to try a few different options with some raised and hanging planters. Everyone was pitching in with the planting. I was using some of this potting mix, which amoung the soil contains fertilizer balls that are released over time.
Mr. Boy walked over to me and said, "What are these?" showing me a handful of fertilizer balls, he has handpicked out of the soil.
Moi: Oh, those are fertilizer balls.
Mr. Boy: What happens if you eat them?
Moi: They are poison, so please don't eat them.
Mr. Boy: *brow furrowed* Oh.
Everyone carrys on and several minutes pass.
Mr. Boy: Mom, what happens if you eat five.
Moi: Um did you eat five?
Mr. Boy: Uh... well.. I accidentally ate one.
Moi: You will probably be fine, but don't eat more. Maybe I should check the bag.
Mr. Boy: So maybe... I accidentally ate two... or four.
The story came out, he ate 5 fertilizer balls and then I was on the phone with my pals over at Poison Control.. is this the 3rd or 4th time I've called? I've fogotten. Here is what I do know, I am making a list of things he has eaten that are not food. When it's time to go to prom, I'm going to sit down his prospective lady friend and say, "Ok, you need to steer clear of marbles, rocks, legos, and fertilizer balls, because he eats them." Maybe I'll safety pin a little note inside of Mr. Boys tux jacket with Poison Control's phone number... just in case. At this rate, we will probably on a first name basis with the Poison Control folks by then.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mr. Boy meets Hollywood Blvd.

Mr. Boy is at Spring Break Camp this week, where he gets to do fun field trips everyday.

"Mom, on the way back from La Brea Tar Pits, we went down Hollywood Blvd. There were lots of crazy costumes. I saw Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Indiana Jones, Spiderman and cops talking to a lady who wasn't wearing a shirt!"

Monday, March 15, 2010

Who wants a Clean House?

Want to hear a confession? I'm not a morning person at all. When Mr. Man was away, the kids would crawl into my bed and we would watch Clean House on the Style Network, which had reruns from 7-8am. Towards the last few commercial breaks, everyone would scamper around getting dressed, brushing teeth, etc. We became big fans of the show, so when Cinnamon called and said, "a friend of a friend of mine is going to be on the show, let's go to their Clean House Garage Sale!" I was in, and knew that I had to take the kids. When the kids saw the cast, they flipped out. When AK saw the host of the show, her face lit up and she was stunned speechless. The cast was smitten with her, and AK got to film a few bits with Miss Neicy Nash. We just might need to get this gal an agent, she has some real spunk and I was stunned watching her play off Miss Niecy.

This is Matt Iseman, the GoToGuy...I'm not gonna lie, I think we had some chemistry. I love him. And I love his shoes... Mr. Boy was smitten with this Faux-Oscar and had to have it. Cim got it as a gift with purchase at the garage sale, and sold it to Mr. Boy for a dollar. We taught him to say, "Gosh, I can't believe I won, I am so honored to recieve this... First off I'd like to thank the Academy... "Mr. Boy is also smitten with Trish "The Yard Sale Diva" and refused to take a picture and preferred hiding inside my friend's cardigan. I whispered to Trish, "He has a bit of a crush... " and she showered him with compliments and gave him a high five. I'm pretty sure Mr. Boy hasn't washed his hand since. Is it just me or does Miss Niecy look a little bit like she's about to get a restraining order. This lady is also going to be on Dancing with the Stars, and she stars on my secret favorite show Reno 911. I'm pretty sure myself and my pals are going to be on the show, I'll keep you posted on the air dates. Super fun outing, and reason number #111 of why I love my new hometown. Psst.. I also scored Lincoln Logs and a pair of vintage red Mary Janes at the Yard Sale!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Chalet Appreciation: Master Bedroom

Nous dormons et faisons des choses vilaines dans ici aka The Master Bedroom First off, this house is ridiculously small. So all my pictures are horrid, forgive me. This is one of my favorite rooms. It's bigger than any other master bedroom we've had. I love that little chair in the corner. I sit there and read every evening. This room is an oasis from the chaos. I was going to do window coverings, but in the end, we love the light in this room, love waking up to sun poking over the hillside. Underneath our bed is every framed picture we own except for one. I wanted to wait until after the addition to hang our pictures. Walls are going to be moved and windows added everywhere. In fact in this room, the window over our bed will be gone. There will be two windows on either side of the bed. Also, do you see that ugly window air conditioner over the dresser... that will be gone and that will be where the door to our new master bath will be! A bath all of my own with white subway tile. I cannot wait! This is my inspiration for the new bathroom. And while this view is not exciting to the naked eye, can you see that there are TWO closets.TWO GLORIOUS CLOSETS! Thus ending 80% of the feuds between Mr. Man & I, which involved sharing a closet and my shoes encroaching his space. His and Her closets! Pure Bliss, no wonder I love this room so much.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

We shall call him Rupert

We named the little guy on the left Rupert. He is a pretty new deer, and that is his mom next to him. You can't tell in the picture, but she looks exhausted. I can pick her out of the herd easily, because she is the one with one tired eye on Rupert and constantly looks like she needs a vacation or a valium. Or both.We LOVE Rupert. He doesn't stand still. The herd will graze happily and he is running back and forth at the speed of light. It's as though his legs are on fire and he is trying to put them out. I can just hear his Mama, "Rupert, stop running... settle down and eat this ivy. This is perfectly good ivy and who knows if it will be here tomorrow." "Rupert.. I said to stop... did you hear me?" Rupert never listens to his mama.
The other morning Rupert was running back and forth, doing circles around the herd at lightening speed. After a while he stops comes over by his mom, and sits down on his hind legs, just like a dog. I wish I had my camera, I've never seen a deer do that. His mama comes over and gives him a swift kick to rear end.
"Rupert stop that, you are embarrassing me. You are not a dog." He takes a few steps away and does it again. His mama comes over and gives him another swift kick. "Rupert KNOCK it off." He does it four more times. You can tell his mama is getting to the end of her rope, her kicks are getting a little more swift to his deer tush.
For some strange reason, I feel a lot of love for Rupert's mama. I don't know whyI feel so drawn to her. It's almost as though, we share a kinship as mothers... although I'm not sure why...

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Pinch me

Pinch me... is this really where I live now? I knew we would end up back in LA for a long time, and I dreaded it. I thought we'd be living in a crowded neighborhood with rude neighbors.Let me introduce you to our new neighbors... There is Buck Owens and his entourage of ladies.So far... no one seems to miss the old house.