Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Superman has arrived....

I'm not afraid to admit that I looked forward and embraced this stage. Nathan has discovered the Justice League. He likes to fly around, and rescue people. I LOVE it, and happily have indulged the cape wearing out shopping.

Hopefully, this was a one time thing for Amanda. She had a bad cough that just wouldn't quit, so she got to wear Nathan's mask for a few days. She thought it was fun! I am having a blast with Hats for Amanda. This gorgeous dress was a gift from my dear friend Anna, and it is DARLING! And I found a hat to match. Nathan loves to cook with me, and I felt it was time to introduce him to cake batter. He told me he likes the "cake spoon" better than cupcakes.
Here was an impromptu "Surprise" Party for Grandma's Birthday. We basically threw on party hats and blew up balloons in the other room. But Nathan loved it. I secretly think Amanda thinks we are very weird. She's very wise beyond her years, and often looks at us like we are nutty.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Why Hello, you handsome thing!

We have had a 35inch Monster in our 10x12 foot bedroom for years. It was a HUGE 35 inch TV. Wayyyy to big for our teeny bedroom. Ross LOVES this TV. He says it reminds him of Happy Memories. I had nightmares that it would tip and crush the kids or the dogs, it had already destroyed two dressers, because of it's sheer weight. Every night I would stare at it, and say DIE TV DIE! But alas, Ross had bought the Top of the Line TV, and of course it lived on to spite me.
I was making dinner on Saturday night when this LOVELY gorgeous LCD TV was carried in by the men of the house. (Nathan & Ross) I am in Heaven. It can be mounted on the wall. Our dresser gave a sigh of relief when the Monster size TV was removed from the bedroom. People... This is wayyy better than a dozen roses!!

By the way, BIG thanks to our pal Bret who dropped everything to come over and do some heavy lifting!! He's a good friend!

I will say this new fabulous TV does clash a bit with our hodge podge of free furniture.... but that is okay.... for now. ;)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

A tribute....

It was two years ago, Ross's Dad lost his battle with ALS. He is dearly missed. Each and every time I prepare a tax return I think of him. I think he would be proud of the path my life has taken.

Terminal Illness is hard. It's tragic. There is no other way I know how to put it. During his illness, photography became my outlet. I was reminded of this today while chatting with my pal Mary. I captured this pic of Ken being a grandpa riding with his grandson on a merry go round.
And here is Ross at our last Tax Appointment with his dad. Ross still has a hard time with me doing our tax return... I know it's just one of the ways he misses his dad.

And this was a dream fulfilled, right around the time of diagnosis, Ross & I were starting the adoption process... our hope was to adopt a child, while Ross's dad could still hold a baby.

There were good things that came out of the experience. I learned a lot about myself, I grew to know and love Ross in a whole different way. I won't forget some very kind actions by my friends Teri, Theresa, Cinnamon, & Laura during a very difficult time.

On a happy happy note, my dear friend Big Pat, welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world!!