Monday, July 31, 2006

Note to Disney... You owe me BIG TIME

I know Disney employees read my blog. This is for those folks at Disney. My dear sweet boy, wanted this Nemo Bubble Blower, and waited patiently until it was light outside to use it. We installed the batteries, poured in the "Ultimate Bubble Solution" and turned it on.


Nemo's wand moved, but he just wasn't powerful enough to blow a bubble. I poured out the solution, changed the batteries to brand new ones, turned it on, and now Nemo doesn't work.

I snapped pics of our sad and dissappointing experience. Poor Nathan is scarred for life because of Disney's defective product!
Here is Nemo looking at us with such hope and a promise of fun in his little painted on eyes.

Nathan trying to make Nemo work. "C'mon Nemo.. you can do it!"

Sandy watches eagerly for "BUBBLES!" (Quote from Finding Nemo)

Nathan succumbs to the dissappointment that Nemo won't be entertaining us with his "ultimate bubbles" and "hours of bubble fun" as the package claimed.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I *heart* Summer!!

I LOVE SUMMER!!! The warm weather, strawberries & watermelon, and swimming! We are having a blast. Here are pics from a trip to the zoo. Nathan loves this cow, and shouted "Hi Cow, come and play with me"
Nathan touching a milipede. I wasn't even brave enough to touch it. Amanda dressed as the newest member of the Star Trek Enterprise and sealing her fate of unpopularity.

Amanda with her permanent bruise from trying to pull herself up into a standing position.

The kids on the 4th of July going to the community pancake breakfast.

Ross scored a killer parking spot for the local fireworks show. We hung out in the car for a little bit waiting for the show. Nathan was PETRIFIED after talking about fireworks for 3 days nonstop, and screamed the first few minutes of the show. We let him watch a movie in the car, and he hugged his earphones. (Check out his new shoes!)And Amanda... our brave little daredevil, was FASCINATED by the fireworks. She NEVER looked away from the sky!