Thursday, September 27, 2007

Human Tetris

This is my favorite of all the Japanese Game Shows I watched on YouTube. They need subtitles though!!

What I did on my "summer vacation" aka things I accomplished from bed!

-You can spend a ton of money shopping on the internet! It's not as satisfying as the stores, but it's pretty close. I have birthday gifts bought for the next few months and found an awesome awesome awesome gift for Mr. Man. I'm not sure I can wait two months to give it to him.

-Did not change a diaper for 15 days for the first time in 4 years.

-Planned our upcoming trip to Paris. Two vacation plans... one with kids, one without. Departure date... unknown, but hopefully in the next year. Either way, I'm going to this place.

-Ordered and recieved the last piece for my bedroom. A gorgeous dresser from some friends who have a small furniture company. The prices are amazing, and the piece I recieved is beautiful. I will post a pic later. Email if you want the company website.

-Had a moment of silence for TK's sexy SUV, gave her suggestions to pimp her new ride.

-Worked on my 100 things to do in a lifetime list. I can't figure out if I need to put some things that I already did which were very cool...

-Have 100 lists of things to do, 1000 ideas for house decorating ideas, a 5 year plan, and a wealth of well intended ideas from the 164 magazines I perused. Yes.. I am keeping count!

-Watched almost every Japanese Game show on YouTube . I'll have to post my favorite in a minute.

- Driving 5 miles a day is impossible. It's not enough to get to Nordstroms or Target... *gasp*

-I have an incredible support group of friends and an amazing husband. Things have not "piled up" while I've been out. Things have been handled, addressed, and resolved. It's weird to not have a huge pile in my inbox. Today, I had nothing to do, except play with Nathan.

-Pain is good, it reminds you that healing is taking place. I don't have pain all the time, and quickly forget to be careful, to slow down, and keep going too far!

-There is always help available... whether it's the neighbor who comes over each Thursday to take the garbage out, or the neighbor who comes over to empty the dishwasher and do the laundry. My client prior to surgery, told me, insisted "Wendy, take all the help offered, don't hesistate to ask for it, don't be shy" She told me some personal experiences and made me pinky swear. She is hilarious, and more than a client, a fabulous friend. She was right.

-When AK grows out of her current shoe collection, I can not restrain myself and just buy an everyday pair of shoes, and a sunday shoe.

-Listen to your body... Went out for my first little outing, to a lovely party for some dear friends. 20 minutes in, I'm exhausted ready to go home.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Superman's Kryptonite

All is so calm and peaceful in this pic, that you wouldn't know 20 minutes later Nathan awoke with his first asthma attack of the season. It was quite possibly the scariest asthma attack we've ever been through. We did round after round of treatment, and it just wasn't helping. I felt even more helpless when I knew if I did take him to the ER, there was not much more they could do there for him. I hate feeling powerless.

Nathan was diagnosed in November of 2005. Right around the time that AK was falling apart. I was at the doctor's office almost every day during the holidays with both the kids. The whole six months following were a blur of doctors, and seemed so surreal. We tried new treatment after new treatment, thinking in a week or two things would improve. All those memories, the quiet desperation, came flooding back, as Mr. Man and I sat up holding a sick child and desperately praying "please... please .... please work" to God, the medicine, and the machine.

The timing of this whole experience is uncanny. Yesterday, medical bills started arriving for my surgery. Our insurance is not the worst, nor the greatest. Money set aside for a fabulous wishlist item, will go towards medical bills instead. I yelled and screamed and cursed the Insurance Company yesterday. (And I'm not exaggerating, sorry for yelling at you "Tracy" at Cigna) However, I am so ridiculously grateful today for modern medicine. I think about the money spent on Nathan's neubulizer and his medication, which I also have screamed and cursed the insurance company for, and realize how many times it has given him the chance to breathe and saved his life... it was a really small price to pay. I'm learning a lesson here... slowly but surely.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My View...

Going through the small number of pics from the last two weeks, there is a common theme. Oh Look... My feet propped up... And there are my toes! Here is Nathan, who is completely obsessed with Mary Poppins... oh and Superman. So he's combined both in this pic. This whole Mary Poppins thing is new to me. I had never seen it until ten days ago. Both the kids LOVE IT. Anyone have suggestions for other movies like this to watch?

Saw the doc, I can drive a measly 5 miles a day for the next week, and his advice... "you need to Walk, Walk, Walk!" He always says "Walk Walk Walk", not just Walk... but three walks in a row. So, I am. I'm slow, but it's good, and I do feeel better.

The doc appointment was really different. I know my doctor personally, and he was really honest and open about his feelings and how he relied more on intuition. It was really refreshing to be that open and forthcoming. In today's litigous society, it's just not that common. I'm grateful to be in such great hands.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


I have read 120 magazines... 3 books.... watched 18 movies... and several seasons of tv shows.

I'm ready to re-enter the world.... mentally... but my body just isn't willing to cooperate just yet.

Word from the doc is "Be Patient, you're doing great, healing takes time." If I had a drink, I'd thrown it in his face, just like in the movies!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Update from Le French Hospital

This pretty much sums up how my life has been although, there hasn't been a discreet sheet covering me most of the time. I had lots of gawker medical people stopping by at the hospital taking a peek at my chart.

Surgery was surprisingly good according to the doc. It is NOT Cancer!! Wahoo!! But not what they thought was going on. Problem part removed, and a 14.5 inch incision to finish the job. It's all good news from the surgical team.

Ouchie Ouchie Ouchie is all I can mutter most of the time. I feel like a turtle on it's back, incredibly inflexible, and hunched over in a ball. Mr. Man should have been a nurse, the guy is dang cute tending to me. He pops his head in every 10 minutes or so to see what I need. There is always a cup of ice water with a slice of lemon next to the bed, and his hand is right there holding a pillow whenever I attempt to shift. There is a giant stack of movies hand picked that I've never seen to watch. Mostly 80's movies, I missed the 80's in his opinion, and Mr. Man is showing me what I missed.

Thanks to all who have called, stopped by, and tended to us. It means the world to me, and I'll be able to properly thank those special people once I'm out of this lovely drug induced haze I'm in.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The countdown begins..

This is pretty much how I feel about my upcoming surgery. Tuesday, 11:15 good thoughts and prayers sent my way would be lovely. Tonight is my last meal, and tommorrow.. only clear liquids. Oh man... this blows!!