Friday, February 02, 2007

So.. I was wrong.. I'm not ancient....

My birthday was fabulous.

We went to Rainforest Cafe with the kids, played poker with some friends. I shopped and bought some fabulous things.

This is Amanda's first ride on the carousel at South Coast Plaza. Nathan insisted I ride too, and sit on the dragon bench.

I'm totally having hair envy. I see all these cute baby girls with long locks and bows. I'm determined to slip a bow in her fuzz by next week.

So.. 30 really is the new 20. I'm a total believer now. I will have to say this week, I was at a doctor's appointment and the doctor said, "Well, the reality is your 30...."And I interrupted with.. Uh.. I'm BARELY 30. Anyway.. those words stung a bit.


Jamie said...

Cute pictures! Amanda's hair has grown so much since I saw her. She'll be wearing the bow and ribbons in no time.

Becca said...

What happened to posting everyday. you havenet posted for a long time.