Tuesday, April 21, 2009

They would have LOVED the 80's

Every morning AK wakes up with the world's biggest bangs. She doesn't need Aquanet to hold them up. Then one late night trip to Target... and the kids could NOT stop playing with these sunglasses. We could have stayed here all night playing with these. I'm thinking scrap the princess dress up costume box... we should just raid Mr. Man's closet for his 80's favorites.

Mr. Man.. Loved the 80's... as evidenced here (notice he's sporting a Depeche shirt, and I can guarantee you he peglegged those pants)
These pictures will self destruct once Mr. Man decides to read my blog and realize I raided his photo albums for 80's pics.
***PICTURES REMOVED, because apparently Mr. Man has a batphone or something. I hit publish on this post, and BAM! my phone rings with him saying, "Hi, you know the pictures of mine that you doctored... please take them down. " **** So I took them down, but then doctored them even more, and put them back up.... shhhhhh.

If you came here looking for 80's pics of me.. they don't exist for I was just a wee babe in the 80's.


Davis Family said...

i vote for the pictures back up.

Beth said...

You are a nut!