Monday, July 16, 2012

Mission: To Throw an Army Party

Mr. Boy has wanted an army themed birthday party all year long and would talk about elaborate plans, such as a flyover by the Stealth and the Blue Angels.   Then when it came time for invitations to go out, he said, "No wait! I want an Angry Birds Party!" I scoured the Internet but there are only so many ways to recreate a game like Angry Birds and all the products are licensed which means everything costs a small fortune.  Finally, I sat Mr. Boy down and made a case for the army party, I should have been an attorney because I won him over.
It was the easiest party I've ever done!. Every guest had to "enlist" when they arrived, and was handed a goody bag with their "gear". They were advised to put on their helmet and binoculars. The kids soldiers got to work making paper airplanes.
Then we played pin the medal on the soldier, kind of like pin the tail on the donkey, which I thought they would hate but they loved it.  Mr. Boy and I made this sweet soldier out of camo duct tape.
The boys were ready for their mission! A parachuter went down somewhere behind our house and the boys had to find it. They had to look for clues, such as the landing site and parachute pieces.
We live in the best place for an Army Party... the hillside was the perfect place for our mission.  Oh man, I love this house. 
Oh look they found the missing soldier! I had no idea Baby Roller Hand was in the army. Nor did I realize she was a parachuter.  Baby Roller Hand has such diverse talents.  
After completing a successful mission, the soldiers were rewarded with Army issued soda and camo cupcakes.
Mr. Boy and I had the best time making these camo cupcakes. It's just different colored batter glopped into a pan.

Thank you Pinterest for making me look like such a champ!
They turned out so much better than last years X rated Cake Wreck, Mr. Boy was pretty proud of us.
I bought a fancy frosting tool, but it still looks like a child frosted it.  Baking and Cake Decorating are not where my talents lie. 

The boys then got some R&R time to play on the waterslide and in the pool.   Zoey thinks she is a 7 year old boy and joined the kids on every activity. 
This party was so crazy easy and by far one of the best kid parties I have thrown to date.  While the kids swam, I played lifeguard and Mr. Man cleaned up.  My favorite was the loot bags, which were generously provided by the local US Army Recruiting Office.   I provided the helmets and the binoculars and an MRE (a candy bar) and they gave us tons of other loot. 
In exchange for the swag, I just had to promise to enlist Mr. Boy on his 18th birthday... Fair trade.. Oui?


Anonymous said...

Stealth = Air Force
Blue Angels = Navy

Dang, maybe that's why he preferred to go with the Angry Birds? Maybe he thought you didn't understand Army. ;-) It sure looks like it turned out fantastic and I LOVE LOVE LOVE those cupcakes. :-) Oh, and I totally forgive you about the military branch mix-up. :-D


Traylor Family said...

1st- I just died laughing with the x-rated cake. HILARIOUS!

2nd- I feel the need to pin this post to one of my party boards, I have a feeling a camo party will be in our near future.

The O'Neils said...

You are amazing!!! H had a Army party this past year and which I would have stolen some of your ideas. I have to agree easiest and BEST party by far!!!

The O'Neils said...


Brooke said...

Nice job on the cupcakes - those are COOL :)