Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Parable of the Spork

AK ran down the steps of school and animatedly started telling me that the greatest thing happened today at school. She said, "Mom, they have sporks in the cafeteria. And everyday you can take one to keep!"

AK has an unusual adoration of sporks, she thinks they are hilarious. "They aren't a spoon or a fork, mom."
Everyday since then, she has come home with a spork in her backpack and the first day when she was putting it in the utensil drawer, she hovered over the fork slot... Then hovered over the spoon slot... Then deciding neither was adequate she got out a pretty glass and put her spork in a cup on the counter.

I love AK and I love her quirky personality. I love her passion for life and her crazy imagination. AK has always marched to the beat of her drum. I love this about her and in many ways she is just like her beloved spork. Not quite a spoon, not quite a fork, but in a category all of her own.

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