Friday, August 26, 2016

Five For Friday - Back to Stupid School

1.  Summer is over and it makes me sad.  Mr. Boy declared it was the best summer ever because we "just laid around at home a lot" which makes me happy to hear.  In my eyes, it was a sleepy and subdued summer with 41,000 doctors appointments.  It appears that maybe all those afternoons of lounging in the pool somehow washed away the fact we spent all morning at various appointments. We had the ceremonial folding of the summer banner and I'm grateful my family indulges me in my ideas, it's pretty much my favorite thing. 

2. Currently, I can't stop thinking about this episode of Liar City.   It's a podcast about lies and liars.   This particular episode deals with Michael Jackson and completely changed my point of view on him.  It's worth a listen, the other episodes are great too, but this one has consumed my thoughts for a month!

3.  Are you aware that Braces/Orthodontic work cost a small fortune?  Both my kids need braces and I have grossly underestimated how much they cost.  Now when I see a kid with braces, I give the parents a nod and say, "Niccccceeee"  like you just caught a glimpse of a sweet Rolex on someone's arm.

4.  Olympic Fever swept our house and I am always surprised by my enthusiasm.  I am not a sporty person, but suddenly I become an expert in Synchronized Diving, Rowing, and the Long Jump when the Olympics come around.  I love the stories of athletes winning, tales of sportsmanship or lack thereof, and I love the crazy stories of the host city getting prepped (like finding a human hand while prepping beach volleyball, a kayaker hitting submerged couch, etc.)  I'm really, really, hoping Los Angeles wins the bid for 2024! 

5.  It's National Dog Day and today I'm celebrating my dogs. I'm even celebrating Zoey who is allergic to absolutely everything and recently developed an allergy to the pool.  So, now I'm the crazy person who after swimming with the dogs, is shampooing and BLOW DRYING my dog.  As if I really have time for that, but I do it, because you usually end up doing anything for something or someone you love.

Tell me the crazy things you never thought you'd do, but have done out of love....

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laura said...

Awww poor Zoey (and poor Wendy)! Ok, you're the expert on podcasts, so I'm listening about MJ now. Interested to see their take on it. I definitely have my opinions on it....

And I TOTALLY think you need to market that banner. I will be your first customer.