Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wisdom Wednesday: Instant Pot Terriyaki Bowls (Crockpot too)

I have a few ideas rolling around in my head for this blog, so testing out a new feature today.   Wendy's Wisdom Wednesday - Sharing things that make my life easier or better.

Two years ago for Christmas Mr. Man bought me an Instant Pot, it's an electric pressure cooker.  It sat in the living room for two weeks and I sent it back, I just couldn't fathom using it.  Over the course of two years I kept wondering about that Instant Pot and then I started noticing food blogs raving about them.  So I picked one up again, because Mr. Man apparently knows me better than I know myself and I'm pretty much hooked on it. You can cook frozen chicken breast in 15 minutes!

Today, I have a recipe that I made up on the fly one day. I'm not a chef or a food blogger, but trust me your family will eat this.

 Check out this elaborate list of ingredients:
Terriyaki Sauce
Frozen Chicken Breast
1/4  cup of Water
Cooked Rice
Optional:  Green Onions, Cabbage, Any leftover Veggies, Fried Egg

Pop the Chicken Breast in the in the Instant Pot (I did four frozen) and a bottle of Terriyaki Sauce and about a 1/4 cup of water.  On the Instant Pot hit the Poultry setting for 15 minutes if you are going to let it sit and do natural release,  18 minutes if you are going to release and eat right away.

If you are using a Crockpot, cook on low for three and a half to four hours using thawed chicken breasts. 
Terrible Food Photography, just trust me it's delicious.
Once it's done, throw rice and Teriyaki chicken into a bowl, the chicken will be falling apart tender.  Add some of the juice from the Instant Pot if you would like.  My family likes to add some cabbage and last time we threw on some leftover veggies.

Everyone in my family raves about this and fights for the leftovers.  So one day while fighting over the leftovers, we made smaller bowls and threw a fried egg on top, and again everyone cheered. 

I make this on nights when I have people eating at different times.  I just cook the rice in the rice cooker and let the rice cooker and Instant Pot stay on the warm setting.

Bon Appetit!

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Linda Miller said...

Sounds SO delicious!! Now I can't stop thinking about it!

Positively Patty said...

How many ounces is your teriyaki bottle?

Qwendykay said...

It's 12 ounces but you can't go wrong with more sauce.