Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016

Can I get a giant high five?  This year, Halloween costumes were ordered/assembled prior to October 1st!  I am incredibly proud of myself and love that I have annual reminders in Mid-September to order advent calendars and Halloween Costumes.  No last minute scrambling this year!
This year Mr. Boy saved up his money to buy his very own Deadpool Costume.  He has seen a very edited copy of this movie and loves this character so much.  He loves that this character breaks the "Fourth Wall"   and I'm pretty excited that all those drama classes Mr. Boy takes is starting to sink in.
As for AK, she has wanted to be Catwoman for an entire year.  She loves comic book characters (she lives in the right family for this) and my only beef with this costume is that she looks way too grown up.  Where are my sweet baby faced children? 
Looking in the rearview mirror and seeing my costumed kids never gets old and I love it so much.  As for me, I'm Agent Carter.. as in Peggy Carter from Captain America.  I wanted to do this last year, since the Agent Carter TV show had just debuted, but I was busy recovering from my Unicorn Horn surgery. Long story short.. no one knew who I was, it was kind of terrible costume idea.
Happy Halloween! See all Halloween Costumes of years past here. 

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