Saturday, January 06, 2007

Some random pictures...

I've been challenged to post a photo a day to my blog by a friend. Sounds fun... and I'm determined to update more often.

More pics of fun ways to cover Amanda's head. Her hair is starting to grow back, and she is doing great! No more treatment!!

Here is Ross and I all dressed up for his company's holiday gathering. It was at Dolce on Melrose in Hollywood. I always enjoy hearing his colleagues talk about working with Ross.

Amanda was not feeling so great on the day this picture was taken. She crawled around the house whining, didn't want to be held, couldn't keep anything down, and just crawled around for a half hour. Finally, she stopped, and this was where I found her!

And here is Amanda with Santa Claus at our Church's Christmas Party. What you don't know from seeing this pic is that I'm in the Foyer holding Nathan on my lap who split his head open... in an unfortunate "just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time" type accident. We are trying decide whether or not to take Nathan to the hospital, and Ross went to grab Amanda who was with our friends and our gear. Ross felt bad that Amanda would have to miss her chance to have her pic with Santa... so he threw Amanda on his lap, snapped the pic, and away we went.

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Jamie said...

Great pictures, Wendy!

Love that little do rag or whatever it's called on Amanda. :)

You look fantastic too. That outfit came togehter great!