Monday, March 12, 2007

Why Hello, you handsome thing!

We have had a 35inch Monster in our 10x12 foot bedroom for years. It was a HUGE 35 inch TV. Wayyyy to big for our teeny bedroom. Ross LOVES this TV. He says it reminds him of Happy Memories. I had nightmares that it would tip and crush the kids or the dogs, it had already destroyed two dressers, because of it's sheer weight. Every night I would stare at it, and say DIE TV DIE! But alas, Ross had bought the Top of the Line TV, and of course it lived on to spite me.
I was making dinner on Saturday night when this LOVELY gorgeous LCD TV was carried in by the men of the house. (Nathan & Ross) I am in Heaven. It can be mounted on the wall. Our dresser gave a sigh of relief when the Monster size TV was removed from the bedroom. People... This is wayyy better than a dozen roses!!

By the way, BIG thanks to our pal Bret who dropped everything to come over and do some heavy lifting!! He's a good friend!

I will say this new fabulous TV does clash a bit with our hodge podge of free furniture.... but that is okay.... for now. ;)

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EllJayPea said...

So glad you got a new TV! Sad to say that the old monster is now weighing down my furniture and conscience -- I hope that during the next earthquake there are no kitties resting by the entertainment center to get crushed by