Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Superman has arrived....

I'm not afraid to admit that I looked forward and embraced this stage. Nathan has discovered the Justice League. He likes to fly around, and rescue people. I LOVE it, and happily have indulged the cape wearing out shopping.

Hopefully, this was a one time thing for Amanda. She had a bad cough that just wouldn't quit, so she got to wear Nathan's mask for a few days. She thought it was fun! I am having a blast with Hats for Amanda. This gorgeous dress was a gift from my dear friend Anna, and it is DARLING! And I found a hat to match. Nathan loves to cook with me, and I felt it was time to introduce him to cake batter. He told me he likes the "cake spoon" better than cupcakes.
Here was an impromptu "Surprise" Party for Grandma's Birthday. We basically threw on party hats and blew up balloons in the other room. But Nathan loved it. I secretly think Amanda thinks we are very weird. She's very wise beyond her years, and often looks at us like we are nutty.


EllJayPea said...

Amanda looks at you like you're nutty because she's been listening to her wise auntie.

Molove said...

You are an awesome mommy letting him wear his cape whenever he wants to. I love seeing kids out with their special duds on.
There was a period of time Chelsea wore her pink Power Ranger outfit constantly. I just let her. I figured there would not be any permanent psychological damage so why not.

Wait til Amanda wants to be a princess every day. Or maybe Superman too!

laura said...

i just want to kiss them!

we have definitely gone thru costume stages here, too. i love it! :)