Thursday, February 05, 2009

Restless Morning

AK is the only morning person in this house, she wakes up enthusiastic to meet the day and her feet hit the floor running. The Misters, myself, and even the lazy dogs tend to roll over and lounge in bed for a bit before attempting to greet the day.

This morning, Mr. Man woke up somewhere around 5am to hit the airport for a quick business trip. I sat up in bed bleary eye-d, gave him a wave, then tried to roll back over to go to sleep. He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, the only portion not buried in blankets, as he left. I lightly dozed for a few minutes but my brain was ramping up for the day. Inside my head were those swirling thoughts, the "what if's", the "should we", the "what about's". Pretty soon, both eyes were open and I was scowling at the clock.

I got up and started working on today's to do list, and Mr. Boy wandered out wrapped in a blanket and asked me, "What is happening? Why are you awake?" We read some books and he started to see the pink sky appearing outside the window. Alarmed he asked, "Why is the sky pink?" and I had to explain to him that it was the sunrise. Something he had never seen before. We went outside to stare at this phenomenon that was unfamiliar to us sleepyheads and marveled at the beauty of the early morning.

There is something about seeing the sunrise that calms the restless mind and heart. I'm grateful to have had this moment today... even if I'm not a morning person.

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Mary said...

That picture is great! Did you take it?!