Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Best Cajillion Dollars I Ever Spent...

Our annual passes to the Happiest Place on Earth are about to expire. We have been cramming every single last bit of happiness we can. We have been to Disneyland over 60 times in the last year, which has been awesome. I've learned some tips and tricks over the last year, and thanks to our pal Auntie Laura who is like the Head of Disney Inc. or something close to it... we've had a first class experience.

I was named after Wendy Darling from Peter Pan. My brothers loved the story, and decided if I was a girl I should be called Wendy. I'm grateful, it saved me from my mothers first choice of Candy Kay, which means I would have had to grow up to become a stripper. *sorry mom, but really.. it sounds like a stripper name* (Also, my brother's threw me off the bunk bed when I was 1, to see if I could fly just like in Peter Pan after sprinkling me with dirt...aka fairy dust. Just in case you are curious... I can't fly. I landed with a thud that made my mother's heart stop beating. I was fine, but if you've ever wondered why I'm a little bit off... that's probably why. I blame my brothers. )
Yesterday, while standing in line to see the fairies, I told the children, I really hoped Tinkerbell wasn't there since she tried to shoot me out of the sky. I quickly relayed the story of Peter Pan, telling the children, that *I* was the real Wendy. They stared at me incredulously, and I told them that Tinkerbell and I have had a long feud for Peter's attention. However, I decided to grow up and become a mom, and Peter stayed in Never Never Land. It was time to make nice with Tinkerbell. One of the Disney people overheard me tell this story, and must have relayed it Tinkerbell. Because when she saw me she let out a shriek and said, "Wendy.. what are you doing here?" Mr. Boy nearly fell over from shock, because that solidified the fact that I wasn't making this up. Tink & I chatted reminiscing about old times and I let her know I was there to make peace. She apologized profusely for trying to shoot me out of the sky. A truce has been met. Then it was off to watch the parade. We got VIP treatment for the parade and put in the reserved section for the sole purpose....
so that our little Alice in Wonderland wannabe could be in the parade and dance with the cast. She danced the whole time with the cast trying to mimic their every move.

Mr. Boy, who is still terrified of the characters just watched and drummed along from the sidelines.

Best Cajillion dollars I ever spent... we have tons of memories to last a lifetime


Cindy said...

Seriously! That was the most awesome story ever. So fabulous.

Mean Mom In Training (Tammy) said...

wendy you are FABULOUS! what a great story for your kiddos! don would like to know your tips and tricks. we also have annual passes and would love to call it the best cajillion dollars we've ever spent!

Mary said...
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Mary said...

Neat story, Wendy Bird!

Okay, now... in the picture of the kids waiting in the reserved section... There is a lady in the background wearing a purple shirt. Is her boob leaking, or is it just me?

11:20 AM

**MIGNONNE** said...

First off Mary how do you spot these things?

I love this post. That story is fantastic!

I am hoping/dreaming/wishing that we get to use our AP one more time before they expire in September. I agree it was the best way to drop a huge sum of money ever!

*Please* post your tips and tricks. Oh and let me know if you can tell me how I can bust my way into Club 33 ;)

Qwendykay said...

Actually, it's not a leaking boob. It's just an ill placed Mickey Mouse ear...Her shirt had mickey mouse on it in a slightly darker shade of purple.

laura said...

that is the coolest thing ever, wendy!!!! i can just imagine how excited the kids must have been. i did hear that the new parade pretty much sucks... what did you think?

miss you!!!! xo

stacy said...

I love it when Magic Happens there. Yay for the cast members. Yay for you and sixty trips. I'm not going to lie, I probably miss Disneyland the most out of everything.

Jenny said...

I've been promising the kids over there before our passes are out for the summer. I hope we have as much fun! I love your Wendy story - awesome!

Anonymous said...

How cool was that! :)


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