Thursday, May 07, 2009

Times are lean... let's clip coupons.

Years ago, before we lived in this lovely chateau, we loved in a lovely, lovely, lovely home in LA. It was "freeway close", which roughly translated to "directly across the street from the 134 Freeway". Being young and newly married, we did not care if the house was in the median of the freeway, it was perfect. It was 600 square feet, and we deemed it the "dollhouse on the highway". We couldn't open the fridge and the oven at the same time, because their simply wasn't enough room to do both. The kitchen was really more like one cabinet with a sink. Times were lean in the "dollhouse" however, it was a good time where we learned how to stretch a dollar really far. I started to use coupons, and never gave it up, even now... with my glamourous life... I still will pull out a coupon if it's available.
My mama always taught me to save where you could, so you could splurge on things that mattered. Like you could splurge on these babies.... oh hello gorgeous, I must have you... can I take you home?
Now, my spare time is lean, so I use a deal hunter site to scour for deals. I check it once a day, and often enough something pops up that I say, "Oh, hey.. that's a good deal." For example, I got Planet Earth on Blu Ray, for 20 bucks shipped. And 15 reams of Printing paper... for 15 bucks, And I haven't paid for toothpaste or shampoo in years. They have list prepared each week for different retailers. The other ladies on this site, are... well... they are hard core. Shhh.. some might call them the crazy coupon ladies. For many of them, they consider this a job. Which is great, because I don't have time to make it my job, so I reap the benefits of their hard work!
So why am I coming forward with this publicly after keeping this to myself for years? Lots of people are talking about coupons, more people are using them than ever before, and let's be real... times are tough, everyone is looking to save a buck. So when my deal seeker site announced some open access days, I decided it's time to share the wealth. So for $1 trillion dollars paid via Paypal, I will give you the name of the site. Ok.. because I'm nice, I'll share it with you even if you accidentally forget to Paypal me.
It's called Refund Cents and they are having open access days today (Thursday) and Friday. The access codes for May 7 - 8 will be:
Username: clipping
Password: coupons
Enjoy, Happy Clipping.

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Mary said...

GASP!!! Those shoes!!!

I really should clip coupons, but I'm so very very lazy.