Monday, February 15, 2010

Cinnamon: The spice that's nice

One of the big perks of Chalet du Francais is the close proximity to Cinnamon (yes, her real name.) Actually, most of the folks on my blog get a fake name, except for Cinnamon, because you can't make that up. Everytime we go out and she introduces herself, everyone asks if that is her real name. Cinnamon is wild, irreverant, funny, and fearless. This gal rides a motorcycle, surfs, and you never know where she will end up calling you from. "Hey, I went to Vegas today, what's the name of that Thai place you like here?" Best thing, my kids love her, call her Auntie Cinnamanamonim, and she loves to hang out with them. And I love hanging out with her.


Cimblog (tm) said...

That was SO fun!!! We must do that again...S O O N

Mary said...

Wait??? Is that her REAL name???

Cimblog (tm) said...

Wait...what are we talking about?