Friday, August 20, 2010

School Blues

There are some serious problems with the new chalet. Well, mainly just one that is causing a whole host of problems. School starts obnoxiously early around here. Like, August 16th early. The sun had barely had time to warm up the place and school began. Have we frolicked enough in the ocean? Eaten enough popsicles? Stayed up way too late because we were having too much fun enough? Did we watch enough Wipeout?
We have barely hit our summer stride, the kids are sleeping late, and enjoying lazy days. Now, AK has to get up at the crack of dawn for an 8AM Kindergarten start time. Yes... 8AM. Then there is the issue of "I suck at being a school mom." I despise homework, having the kids gone all day, dealing with teachers and other mama bears, pick up and drop offs, following school rules, early bedtimes, making lunches.... Such a killjoy.
Homeschooling would rock, but we'd spend all our time at the beach or playing Xbox. Then the last two weeks of the year, I'd panic and we have to cram a year into two weeks.
Then again, maybe my kids could be marine biologists and we could count our days at the beach as "in the field" research days.


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I agree with this post 100%. My kids go back on Tuesday and I am not happy about it.