Tuesday, August 09, 2011

AK turns six!

Dearest AK, 
On the occasion of your sixth birthday, I sit down to write you a note to tell you how much I love you.  Six years ago today, you were placed in my arms and I knew you were the piece of my heart that had been missing.  You have a spunky personality and are such an amazing gift to our family. You have a zest for life that is contagious and you are such a genuinely happy girl. 
You have a flair for drama, and will make up the most amazing stories.  I have had many people tell me you need to go in show business, and they might be right.  This summer, we went to see a movie, and you later re enacted an entire scene verbatim for you dad. We have been instructed to help you "find your passion" and at this point it is hard to narrow it down. 
You are passionate about so many things, horses, singing, dancing, and you have the biggest imagination.  This past year you have told many sob stories to strangers, teachers, and friends that have resulted in many phone calls that start with, "AK was telling me all about.... "  People are amazed at your imaginative story telling, and have asked if I ever thought about having you write soap operas.

 Last year I was unsure whether or not I should send you to Kindergarten, my gut knew that you weren't ready, but you were so social, it seemed like we should give it a try.  Hooray! You get to do Kindergarten again this year!  AK listen to your gut, it always knows the right answer, however I do not regret sending you to Kindergarten when I did.  We learned a lot about you and it gave everyone time to figure out how we can best help you.  AK, there are struggles that lay ahead for you, but you need to listen to me very carefully.... You are going to be OKAY. 
AK, you have this resilient strong and fighting spirit that you have had since the day you were born.  You have an unbelievable will to survive and conquer.  You have a feisty spirit and I love it.  You do not back down when it is important, and will hold your ground.  Here is the best thing I love about you AK, something I struggle with... If it is not important to you, you will give in.  You let it go, which is a concept that I'm still struggling with as an adult.
 Kindergarten was challenging this year, especially the early start time.  You love your beauty sleep and did not like to be woken up.  Many mornings I dressed you while you slept and even popped you into the car while dozing.  You go to bed early,  so it's not like we just kept you up too late, you just really love your sleep.  It takes a lot of energy to be you, and so you needed that time to recharge.  There are some nights though, you just want to party all night.  We can't figure out what causes it, but there are some evenings you stay up in your room singing to yourself until midnight.  The neighbors have also noticed your late nights as they have heard the window open and a little voice saying, "Helloooooooooo."  You love to ask them where they were and if they had fun.  They always encourage you to go to bed, but you like to tell them, "I can't sleep, tell me a story." 
You will try anything once and are eager to do anything that puts you in the spotlight.  This past summer while in San Francisco, we drove slowly down the windy Lombard Street.  With the windows rolled down, I taught you the funniest thing ever invented.  You leaned out and in your sweet voice, said, "Pardon me" to all the tourists who were standing on the sidewalk snapping pictures, "Do you have any Grey Poupon?" You never batted an eye and we all laughed hysterically. 

 AK, I want you to know how much we love you.  You have taught me so much about life and I hope I can teach you some things in return.  We live in the most amazing place and the world is full of opportunities.  I hope your self confidence and spunky spirit never fades. I pray it will carry you through Junior High and High School, and you can emerge your teenage years filled with the self confidence to be a success in the world. 
I love you, 

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Brooke said...

Awww...love your sweet birthday letters. Now I'm feeling guilty because Laney's bday is tomorrow and I haven't done anything nearly as cute...good thing she won't see your blog :)