Sunday, August 28, 2011

Something to celebrate

On the eve of AK's sixth birthday, her very first tooth wiggled it's way out.  She was beyond excited and wanted to write a letter to the tooth fairy, which included thought provoking questions such as, "Do you like Sharks? Did I lose my sweet tooth?" 
On her birthday we had friends over to swim, and that evening we went out to In-N-Out  and had cupcakes.  See that massive pile of gifts, I only bought one of those gifts.  Mr. Man totally spoils his girls and he came home with a plethora of gifts for AK.  
She made her wish and I'm pretty sure it was for a "pink horse with friendly brown eyes". 
 The following day it was a day of love as Mr. Man and I celebrated our wedding anniversary.  Mr. Man took me to a swanky dinner on the town, while Auntie Cinnamon babysat.  While we were gone, the kids got to work decorating the house.
 This is my favorite, with the kids and dogs. 
While we were at dinner, Mr. Man and I paused to remember that six years ago we brought this cute girl home from the hospital on our tenth anniversary.  She was the best anniversary gift ever.  We didn't want to leave her while we went out for dinner, so we brought her with us and just went out for Ice Cream later that night.  The store was just getting ready to close, and Mr. Man, pleaded, "Please it's our 10th Anniversary, and we just brought this baby home from the hospital."
They obliged and Mr. Man and I toasted ten years of marriage over a Hot Fudge Sundae. Originally, I had high expectations of a swanky dinner, possibly a vacation for our 10th anniversary.  However, sitting in a strip mall Baskin Robbins with a brand new baby in my arms with my husband seemed like no better way to celebrate the occasion. 


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Positively Patty said...

I cannot believe it's been 6 years! Seriously? Amazing. She is a cutie. :)