Monday, April 23, 2012

Grey and Gray

When I woke up this morning to go for a morning walk, everything was grey and a steady drizzle was falling.  The hillside was covered in drops of silvery dew and when I came home the house was warm and cozy. 
My children were sleeping soundly while the clock chimed that it was time to get ready for the school day.  Yet,  I couldn't bring myself to wake my slumbering children, their bodies must really need the extra sleep.  Perhaps we could skip today, stay inside, read books, and watch movies.  So we did just that.    
While the kids slept until well past 10, I worked on this chair, my very first attempt at a "Tufted Chair".  Destined for Mr. Boy's room, I think it might just end up in my room, it looks like a perfect spot to curl up with a book
I have been dying to paint the living room grey all tax season long, but I have a long list of fix-it's that need to be tackled first.  So, I used my favorite trick of painting swatches behind a painting, so that you don't random squares of paint on your walls while you try to decide the hue.  
What do you vote for the top (Bay Waves) or the Bottom (Gravity)?  


Anonymous said...

Gravity... As in defying. ;-)


oneil said...

Gravity, it looks like you meant to have it gray rather than just old paint turned gray look.

Mary said...


Brooke said...

I agree with all the other posts...Gravity! And good for you on the sleep-in day - that sounds lovely ;)