Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Mind Reading

Mr. Boy is obsessed with my cell phone. He constantly asks to play on it and we are trying to be one of those family's that actually communicates verbally instead of via text.

The other day Mr. Boy was relentless in begging to play on my phone. I was trying to hold him off during our ten minute drive to baseball.  Surely, we can handle a ten minute car ride without Angry Birds.
Mr. Boy:  Moooooom, why not?
Moi:  Because I want to talk to you.  Tell me something funny that happened at school today.
Mr. Boy: I don't really like talking, you know that I'm not the talking kind of guy. And nothing funny ever happens at school.  School is boring.
Moi:  Tell me something terrible that happened today at school.
Mr. Boy:  Nothing happened
Moi:  Did aliens invade your school today? 
Mr. Boy:  Stoooooooop! Mom, just let me play with the phone.  
Moi:  No.  
*notices pensive looking man waiting for the bus* 
Moi:  Mr. Boy what do you think that man is thinking about?  
Mr. Boy:  He's wondering why his mom won't let him play on her iPhone.  

I could not help but burst out laughing, I mean c'mon, he gets at least two points for being witty.  If only he was that determined in learning fractions....  how on earth am I going to survive the teenage years with this kid? 


Our little family said...

LOL! Our boys could be one in the same.

BTW...I got the card yesterday. Thanks!

Positively Patty said...

Love it!