Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On the eve of Summer 2012

School gets out tomorrow, and as someone who holds summer sacred, I am ecstatic.  Mr. Boy will finish third grade tomorrow, and enter the fourth grade in the fall.
There has been a lot of talk in our house about his upcoming birthday.  He has wanted an army man party for a few months, but has suddenly changed his mind.  Mr. Boy plays Army Man quite often on the hillside and when we saw these army helmets today I just had to get some for him and AK, in hopes to sway him back to an army themed party.
Tonight as I was putting things away in the kitchen, Mr. Boy was feeling chatty and sat at the island talking about all sorts of things.  Legos, Navy Seals, Big Foot, Army Men, and upcoming activities.  He was full of questions as always... and I stopped and looked at him sitting there in his army helmet, fiddling with Legos, and I just wanted to yell out, "Time! Time Out!  Stop the clock!" while gesturing frantically to the referee.  Not because I need a break, because I just want to pause this moment forever.  How did this boy get to be almost nine years old?   Where did the time go?   How do we slow this aging train down? 
Soon those delicious cheeks will melt away, and he won't be caught dead pretending to be an army man.  I'll become so uncool that I'll be "soooooooooo embarrassing" and this boy won't be caught be dead talking to me. 
Today, I am grateful that school will be out, so that I won't have to share these kids with their teachers who have them for most of the day.   I will buy my own army helmet and play on the hillside pretending to blow things up and shoot down the enemy planes. I'm ready for goofy face contests, swimming, and stories around the fire pit.  There is no pause button in life, but at least summer allows for you to slow it down a little.


Diana Marks said...

very cute kid ;)

check out my blog and, if you want, let's follow each other on GFC or Bloglovin' or both ;)

Tanya said...

Ok so this made me tear up and is so true and so sad and good all at the same time!!! Thank heavens for summer...I've decided to homeschool next year so at least for 1 year I'm not sharing with teachers lol... We still have 29 day till' summer vacation :( but I'm so looking forward the the 3 day weekend!!! :)

Jenny said...

I can't believe you get out tomorrow already! I'm so jealous! We have another 3 weeks or so. I feel that way all the time too. I think it's so not fair that we loose the feeling of those special moments. I'm hoping when we get to heaven all those moments coming flooding back and we get to remember them all again.