Friday, June 01, 2012

Welcome to the Super Ultimate Mega Summer, Part Deux

It is no secret that I'm a terrible "Responsible School Mom", I can't stand homework, fundraising, and the mountains of paperwork that come home in those dang folders each week.  Do not even get me started on AK's 4am Kindergarten Start time.  My kids are not early risers.  Only the deer get up early around these parts, but they get the luxury of an afternoon nap.

I love Summer and after our "Chalet Renovation Summer", I declared last summer to be the "Super Ultimate Mega Summer."  I cleared the calender for the most part, and we spent our days in the pool with our friends over.  There was something magical about just seeing where the day took us.   We are over-scheduled all year long, so summer is the time for being under-scheduled.  This year after a unanimous family vote, we have declared this.... *drumroll please*   

"The Super Ultimate Mega Summer, Part Deux"  
(because we are French, oui?) 

On the last day of school, my true love gave to me....  one dancing mom and two cheerful kids. 
We took our traditional last day of school pictures, and comparing them to the first day of school, it looks like my kids get an A+ for growing out their hair. 
 The whole house was in a good mood and we were dancing all they way into school. 
 Mr. Boy always turns to me and says, "I love you" before he walks into school, and I wonder every time... "Is this the last time he'll do that?"  I am not a fan of this growing up business. 
While the kids were at school for the last day, I got down business and stocked up on supplies for the summer.
 I got the car ready for the Summer, loading it with beach chairs, towels, and water.. I have decorated the car for the last few years and the kids love it.  (FYI, These are the best window markers ever!)
My favorite parts of summer....  watching TV on my bed
Lazy mornings with sugary cereals and some serious bedhead.  
Wearing jammies and having crazy curly "I don't care" hair all day long.
 or wearing our favorite "Relaxipants (tm)"  all day and all night. 
 And the best part of course.....  Swimming!!
 Come and join us one and all for the Ultimate Super Mega Summer (Part Deux)!!  Let the wild rumpus begin!


Helena said...


Laura said...

I'll be right over!! (except we still have two weeks of school - aaaarrrrggggghhh) You're an awesome mom!

Cimblog (tm) said...

Okay, is the pool ungreened now? cuz if's hot out, I'll be right over to swim!

Diana Marks said...

very cute kids ))

Brooke said...

You are a fun mom.