Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ridemakerz Party #XtremeCustomzParty

My kids have oogled outside the Ridemakerz store many times and I was thrilled to host a Ridemakerz Mommy Party.   When I brought out the boxes for the boys to try out, they couldn't wait to rip into them.
Ridemakerz are cars that you can customize that come with an assortment of different accessories.   The boys loved trying all the different accessorizes.   AK couldn't resist and had to join in all the fun. 
 After the cars were built and fully tricked out, we engaged in races.   The kids were anxious to "hit the pits" during the races to switch out wheels or accessories.  
My 2 cents for what it's worth, the kids loved the concept and have spent hours since racing their cars and changing out the parts.  It's for kids five and up, and everyone who came was able to build their car on their own.  Getting the pieces out of the package, was a task adults had to help with, but that isn't uncommon.   Some of the pieces were chronically coming off, but the kids seemed to enjoy that it "added to the drama"  of the race. 
 Big thanks to Ridemakerz and MommyParties for letting me host and to all our guest who came. (many of whom aren't pictured here.)

All Xtreme Customz by Ridemakerz toys provided by MommyParties and Ridemakerz.  All opinions expressed are my own!

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