Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dear Children, There is something you need to know...

Dear Children,
The other night I was watching TV and saw a gentleman whip out his perfectly folded pocket square to hand to a lady who was crying.   It was a chivalrous act and a gesture of good manners.   I was struck by it, because I worry that chivalry is fading in our society.  When I was dating, I was always bothered by a man opening the car door for me, it seemed awkward.  Since I was raised to be fiercely independent, I would politely tell the gentleman, "I prefer to get my own door" and looking back, I wonder if that was a mistake.
So I have been quietly observing people for the last few weeks to see...  is chivalry gone? Did I push it out of my life while I was busy trying to be an assertive and independent woman?

It doesn't matter, because Mr. Boy, you have a kind heart, and often open doors for strangers. Mr. Man opens the door for everyone too, and while he doesn't wear a pocket square, I've been offered up a crumpled up Kleenex from his pocket on many occasions.

Here is something you should know, your father, is not afraid to proclaim his love in front of others.  Tonight Mr. Man and I chatted while he drove to meet up with some colleagues for dinner. It is a new project and not people he knows all that well, but as he joined them, we said our goodbyes and he said, "I love you." before he hung up.  It made me pause, and I appreciate how he is not shy to proclaim his love in front of those he works with.  

You need to know, my dear children, that he and I practically wrestled each other to the ground trying to hold our babies first when we met you.   He has carried a diaper bag with pride and has done his share of the housework over the years.   He has embraced the title of Father and Husband, while there are times where I have wanted to run away from my roles. 

My dear children, you need to know, just how lucky you are to have such an amazing man as your dad.   We hit the jackpot with him, and for that I am grateful.


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