Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nutty Family Week: Kicked to the curb

It's Nutty Family Week here on my blog where I encourage everyone to share your nutty family story.  As we gather around the table with our families this season, I hope we can all embrace the nuttiness of our families and realize we aren't alone in having to sit next to "Aunt Cray Cray".

I am totally biased, but I'm pretty sure I live in the best neighborhood. We have the best neighbors and we have deer, what more could you want in a community? 

My sweet neighbors, The Neighbor-steins, told me about their best/worst Thanksgiving involving Cousin Betty.   Prior to Thanksgiving Cousin Betty called to ask what she could bring to Thanksgiving dinner and appeared to be a gracious guest.  It was suggested that she bring a corn dish, and it should have been a warning that things were about to go south when she showed up with a snack size can of Corn Niblets as her dish to share.

Over the course of dinner, Cousin Betty succeeded in offending nearly everyone at the table with one of her stories or remarks.  Finally, Mr. Neighbor-stein had enough of her antics  and stood up and boomed, "OUT!"  while pointing to the door.  Cousin Betty made her way out the door with a huff, muttering "Well... I Never!" sprinkled with obscenities under her breath the whole way.   After an awkward silence dinner resumed and without Aunt Betty stirring the pot, everyone relaxed and enjoyed themselves.

Fifteen minutes later there was a meek knock at the door and when the Neighbor-stein's opened up the door, they found Cousin Betty standing there.  She whispered in a small voice, "Can you move your car? You're blocking me in."  

I love this story because I love that big grand gestures were made and yet the wind was taken out of Cousin Betty's sails when she was humbled to find that she couldn't drive off in a huff. 

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