Monday, April 28, 2014

On building a house

It's no secret I am in love with our home. The beloved chalet has been an amazing home to raise my family in.  I love this home for all the solace it provides.  Each and every night I give thanks for this home before I crawl in bed.   Maybe it's silly or worldly to love a house this much. Remodeling this house was a labor of love and I still miss our crew.  We recently had a small job done and my very favorite Juan and our beloved contractor came back for a day.
During the construction I fretted about my kids well being. I worried they would look back and be traumatized by the constant chaos.   I worried they would be mortified that we were mistaken for being homeless at Carls Jr.   All that worrying was for nothing.  My kids loved it, loved almost everything about it.  Loved the bulldozers, the dust, the endless pile of "props" aka rubbish, and they loved eating out most of the time.
Then this week for Career Day, Mr. Boy decided he wanted to be a contractor /architect so that he can build cool houses for families, just like our contractor did for us.   I couldn't be more proud and I'm pretty certain I did all that worrying for nothing. 

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Laura said...

I love that pic of Mr. Boy!