Wednesday, April 30, 2014

In the midst of the storm

Something is wrong with Mr. Boy and we don't have any solid answers yet. What we do know is that it is something in the Auto Immune Family and that he has arthritis.  Whatever it is, it is taking my active 10 year old and turning him into an old man.   We are spending lots of time with various doctors and specialists and no one has a solid answer, everything is murky.    
Every doctor reminds me that these type of illness take a year or more to diagnose and that patience is key. I don't want to have patience, I really want answers.  In the meantime I'm trying really hard to keep things normal for everyone. In the middle of all this, I have found a deep gratitude, because no matter what, we are incredibly lucky.  As I sit in the waiting rooms in the hospitals and doctor's offices, I am very aware that we are surrounded by people who are a lot sicker than we are.  We can handle this and we can learn to manage, I am confident of this.  Plus,  there are good things all around me, like when I looked up one evening to see the hillsides bathed in the golden light of dusk. It's my favorite time of day. 
Usually dinner is in the works and there is a basketball game going on.    
There are other good things.  It turns out that the jacuzzi is the best thing for his aching joints.
I was reminded that five years ago, Mr. Man said that he would never ever own a home with a pool.  It would be over his dead body.  Currently, he is alive and well, and we have a pool in our own backyard.   
Which makes me believe that nothing is absolute and that gives me hope.    


Laura said...

Always hope. Sometimes it's the only thing I have.

Brooke said...

Yay for your jacuzzi :). Hoping you get some relief and some answers.