Friday, November 21, 2014

Five Things For Friday 11/21/14

 1. We celebrated Mr. Man's Birthday last night and surprised him with a Clan themed dinner.  It was great fun, as we all donned kilts and ate like Kings.   The kids could not contain their excitement about our dinner plans and I'm sure Mr. Man thought we were planning an Epic event with Limos and 600 of his closest friends.  The kids were bursting at the seams wanting to tell him.  Just a handy hint, when ordering supplies for a surprise themed dinner don't use your Guest of Honor's Amazon account on accident.  Oops!

2.  You need to check out the documentary "I am Eleven" which we saw with 11 of our friends on 11/11/14 and got to meet the Filmmaker.  It was such a great movie that really showed our kids just how big the world is and how lucky they are to have what they have.  It also showed me that really most eleven year olds are the same.  I loved this girl in Morocco, while being interviewed  you can hear her mom coaching her off camera, "Tell them we don't have electricity and that we are very poor." She turns to her mother and says, "What?  You think if I tell them that they will connect our electricity?"  Then she rolls her eyes at the camera.   Our group left the screening chatting about the film and it was exciting to eavesdrop on their thoughts.

 3. This is my new favorite tradition.  It's a Shadowbox with a slit on the top that we drop in notes of what we are thankful for.  It was supposed to be leaves instead of paper strips, but I really like my lack of carpal tunnel, so I opted not to spend my evenings cutting out leaves.  It is fun to see the kids get an idea and run over to write something.  Although, it's not always a grateful thought.  Yesterday I spied a note in there that said, "Grateful that my parents are the meanest EVER."

4.   We had a day off from school this week and it made me yearn for days of summer. Those long and lazy days seem so far away from now.  However I will say that I am grateful for our long afternoons.  With Mr. Boy sitting out sports this fall due to some health concerns, we are not running from field to field every day.  Some of our afternoons are long and lazy and we have even been able to squeeze in a movie.  I miss cheering my boy on from the sidelines, but love spending our time at home. 

5.   Can you feel that tingle in the air?   I can feel it too and it can only mean one thing... Fauxprah's Favorite Things is coming to my blog!   I bet you can't wait to see what I picked this year for my picks!  Check back in December to find out what you can win this year!

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