Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Everything is better in Costume.

Three years ago I was watching stage production of "White Christmas" with my husbands extended family.  I fell madly in love with the ending as the stage was full of ladies dancing in big red skirts with fur trim.   I leaned over to Mr. Man's Aunt aka Mrs. Aunt and said, "This year I want everyone dressed just like that for our Christmas Eve Dinner."   I was joking, kind of.  I mean I fully believe that everything is better in costume, but I really didn't expect everyone to show up in costume.  So imagine my surprise when I opened the door on Christmas Eve to find Mrs. Aunt and the entire family decked out in full White Christmas Costumes complete with fur muffs. It was the best Christmas Eve and now it's become a family tradition to wear our most festive outfits to Christmas Eve. 
I realized a few days before Thanksgiving that Mrs. Aunt's birthday was just two days prior to the Thanksgiving Extravaganza she was hosting.  The whole family was coming into town to celebrate Thanksgiving and it was going to be one of the largest Thanksgiving gatherings in some time.   One day while running errands it hit me, I needed to do something for Mrs. Aunt, and I knew there was only one thing she would appreciate.  Costumes!  So I cut out Pilgrim collars for 50 plus and a few extra for Baby Roller Hand and even our pets.  (The deer wouldn't cooperate for the picture.. drats) 
The result was glorious! The Pilgrim collars were a hit, well maybe not everyone loved them, but most wore them, because everyone loves Mrs. Aunt. Everyone knew that Mrs. Aunt would love this, and she did. I'm beginning to think that everything is better in costumes. 
Thanksgiving is one of my favorites, Mr. Man has this big family with oodles of cousins.   As for me... I have two cousins... exactly two and I wouldn't know them if I saw them on the street. We ate, we laughed, we had a great time and parted ways.

Unfortunately, the stomach flu was passed around our Thanksgiving table with 53% of the Pilgrims going down over the next four days.  It was much like the first Thanksgiving where plagues were swapped.  I think everyone is finally on the mend, but all this has given me an idea for next years Thanksgiving Costumes.. HazMat Suits! 


Sue5007 said...

HazMat suits...ha ha ha! Seriously though, I'm glad you're feeling better and had a happy Thanksgiving.

Positively Patty said...

I wish I had your energy!