Wednesday, April 01, 2015

April Fool's Day - Congrats! You are going to Chore Camp!

It's April Fool's Day!  This year I'm super excited for my kids to get home and see that they got mail.  Good news!  They've been accepted to Chore Camp!  They will get to polish up on their housekeeping skills and even visit other camps to clean while the other campers are out swimming or canoeing.     My favorite part of this is the quote on the brochure from Teddy, Age 10.  "My favorite part of camp was when we got to clean up the mess that the kids in the other camp made while making s'mores."  

You're kids can also get acceptance letters today too!  You can get the brochure here.  I printed mine on Cardstock to really make it seem legit.

This looks like it was a prank back in the day, but everything linking back to it was broken and I couldn't find it on the Disney site anywhere.  So I found a pic of an acceptance letter and created my own.   You can get the acceptance letter here to customize.  Chore Camp Doc here. 

In other news, I can't wait for Mr. Man to open his Basketball bag and realize he only has a pair of AK's frilly socks to wear for his Basketball Game tonight. 
And AK had a little trouble with her cereal this morning as it was frozen into one solid lump!
Happy April Fool's Day to you and yours!   

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Sarah said...

This is such a brilliant idea! I'm doing this to my kids tomorrow.