Saturday, June 25, 2016

Five for Friday - June 24th

1.  Current TV Show I can't get enough of: UnReal on Lifetime and Hulu.  It's a fictional show about filming a show like The Bachelor.

2.  Also, can't get enough of Watermelon flavored licorice.  Not nearly as healthy as Watermelon, the actual fruit, but more delicious.

3. Finished the book, The Light Between Oceans, loved it.  I've been struggling through All the Light We Cannot See for six months. Everyone seems to love it and  I have a very tough time giving up on a book. Does it get better? 

4.  My kids are superstar sleepers and sleeping until 10AM, it's one of the best parts of summer.  They are also superstar fighters and don't get along with each other, which is one of the worst parts of summer.

5.  While my kids are sleeping like champs, I'm not.  The stupid smoke alarms keep having errors at four in the morning.  I've changed all the batteries, but still one of them malfunctions and sets the whole string off. Why doesn't this happen during the daytime? 

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Laura B said...

Um, time for a trip to Home Depot. Get some new smoke alarms!! Super annoying. Isn't it nice when the kids are teens and they SLEEP?! I love that. And can I just tell you that I despise licorice. Maybe a fruity one would be better? Does it taste like a Jolly Rancher? ;)