Friday, October 28, 2016

Five for Friday: Witches Tea Edition

Five things that are rolling around in my head today:

1.  I hosted my annual Witches Tea this week. It's a girls night to celebrate those witches in my life who have my back.  I love it, and I love celebrating my gal pals.  My friends are invited to wear black and wear their most glam witches hat. Every year I forget to invite someone... I have a love/hate relationship with Evite and it's app.  Seems like it doesn't always pick up my contacts list all the way.  I need a better way... anyone have any brilliant ideas?
2.  I think it's important for kids to see that "Mom has a thing tonight with her friends" to help them see mom as more than a maid and a short order cook.    But maybe I'm just grasping for some justification to ignoring them and also forcing them to do 100 chores while I panic about the state of my house.

3.  I don't bake, so something like this stresses me out a bit.  Last weekend's attempt at Blueberry Crostatas were a disaster and even the dog wouldn't eat them.  However, I'm crazy lucky to have talented friends who don't sleep and make amazing treats to share.

4.  My forte is drinks.. specifically mocktails. This year we had a Caramel Appletini, along with my signature drink. I like to call it.. Drugs, which is a medicine syringe of Cranberry Juice in Ginger Ale.

5. Every year I have grand plans for a lavish spread of appetizers and decorations, yet I get distracted by other projects.  Then at some point during the party I look around at my house full of my favorite witches and I realize I shouldn't have stressed.... these are my witches and they always have my back.
And I am one lucky witch!


Positively Patty said...

Sounds fun!

Any chance we could get your drink recipes?

emily said...

So glad you posted this! It made me feel so happy to see such wonderful friends.

Tammy said...

Dang it! Dang it! Dang it! I want to come so bad! Stinking kids and their wisdom teeth. Also, Cim is in pink. Pink. PINK! :)