Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Candlesticks

On a recent trip to Upstate New York, my friend Jackie came across these fantastic Eagle Candlesticks and knew they needed to be part of my spooky display at my Annual Witches Tea. She was right, they add just the right eerie spooky vibe and a bonus is that every witch looks great bathed in candlelight.
Back at the first Thanksgiving, my relative, let's just call her Catherine for the sake of the story, was in attendance.  I'm super impressed that I have a relative that was on the Mayflower.  My family isn't really known for being the type to rough it, I mean, we love to sail so I can see that Catherine was like, "Oh, that sounds fun!" However, I kind of think when it came to building a new colony and camping and starving.. she was probably like... "Yikes I didn't think this through.. I want to go back!"

So, on the first Thanksgiving, Catherine ate and celebrated with gratitude their survival of that first year.  As the sun set on that day, they were not done celebrating, the men lit a bonfire, but they needed something to light the long table.

Catherine jumped up from the table and exclaimed, "I have just the thing."  She ran into her cabin and grabbed the Eagle Candlesticks she had brought over from England.   They had given her courage and sustained her with light.  They served as a reminder to fly high like an Eagle, especially during that first trying year in America. 
With pride Catherine placed the Eagle Candlesticks on the table and the Thanksgiving celebration continued on through the night. 

And now, those candlesticks grace my piano as a reminder to fly high and to give thanks for the sacrifice of those came to America before me. 
Well, at least that is the story I tell folks when people ask me about the Candlesticks.  But between you and me, Jackie says she just stumbled upon them in an antique store and the store owner said, "I dunno their history, they are just old." Personally, I like my story a whole lot better.


Laura Pratt said...

Your story's always better.

Jackie Finnigan said...

Lol! LOVE your story and will now live through the ages!