Friday, March 30, 2018

April Fools' Round Up

April Fools' Day is one of the traditions that I reluctantly embraced, but my kids love it.   They talk about it for weeks leading up to it, so the pressure is on!   My rules are that the joke doesn't make a mess, put anyone in harm, and is easily remedied.

Some of my favorites are:  

Meatloaf cake with potato frosting (I used carrot shavings to look like sprinkles.)

I didn't take a picture, but the look of horror on their faces when they took their first bite was priceless.  It wasn't that it tasted terrible, it just wasn't sweet like they expected.     

Congrats you're going to Chore Camp!  Your kids will be so thrilled to learn they are going to sleepaway camp this summer and that it is chore themed!  My favorite part is the quote on the brochure from Teddy, Age 10.  "My favorite part of camp was when we got to clean up the mess that the kids in the other camp made while making s'mores."  

You can download the letter and the brochure from my original post here

Last year I "Slashed" my husband's tires.    I left a note on the counter before I left in the morning "Someone slashed your tires last night, already called the authorities."   Then he walked outside to find pictures of the Rock Star Slash on his tires.   
I've frozen the kids cereal bowls and they still talk about the year that I made Red Jello in cups and after it set up, I handed it to them as juice, complete with a straw.

This year I'm doing Cake Pops that are really Brussel Sprouts dipped in White Chocolate.   Hoping they turn out! 

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