Monday, June 05, 2006

Is my house still "hip"?

As I experience a small lull in my accounting practice, I decided to use this time to attend to some things that were neglected. (Shameless plug, need help accounting for your business? contact me!) One area of neglect is our home. It's clean, and fairly tidy, it could use a little "oomph" and some mucking out of cabinets and closets. We moved in almost 6 years ago, and decorated it those first 2 years. Is some of this stuff even "in" anymore? I love my living room. It's Red. Sometimes I think I should paint it a nice Pottery Barn tan, but I LOVE the red. The furniture was slipcovered by me.... and it will stay tan for at least another year or two.
I need some advice on this couch. How would you accessorize it? I bought some new fabric.

How should I do the pillows? Here is the new fabric, it's a silk stripe. I turned on the comments, so anyone can post a comment with advice or suggestions.

And Finally... the reason I hit the Fabric Mart, was to buy fabric to cover the kids carseats. This fabric is fun and polkadotted, one for Nathan, and one for Amanda, and it was CHEAP!! Oh and the flowery I bought to make Amanda a little trench coat out of for next winter.

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