Friday, June 30, 2006

June... in a nutshell

Nathan could not have been more in heaven, when we went to a party for Ross's company at a Ranch. They had a petting zoo, bouncehouse, and horses. Nathan showed us his skills as a runner, as we have never seen him run as fast as he did when he saw the ponies for the first time.

Nathan petting the chickens. He loved the sheep and miniature goat. He couldn't get enough of the ducks who had "party hats" (they had feathers that stuck straight up).
A 10 month old shot of Amanda, complete with the permanent bruise she seems to have on her forehead from ill fated attempts to stand up or walk. She is obsessed with pulling on Skoopi's face. Skoopi doesn't mind, she loves the attention. Amanda often pulls up using Sandy as a table. This is one of my favorite outfits I have bought for Amanda.

And here is a rare shot of our happy girl, being very unhappy. And poor Nathan had a fever earlier this month. I still love onesies, even though he's big. I promise he won't go off to Prom wearing a onesie.

Before I was a mother, I was unbelievably niave and cocky. "My children will NEVER do that" I'm still holding fast to some things, but most of it all went out the window. I was sooooooo naive. Did I mention how naive I was?

We bought these shoes on a whim on a trip, because he needed something more sturdy than his Robeez. They were $5, and I swore I'd never buy shoes with characters on them. Every once in a while you have to bend the rules. Nathan's loved them, and they lasted forever. Nathans been through 2 of his other pairs of shoes since we bought these. They are finally too small. Farewell Elmo! Farewell Grover!! Hello to Vans with FLAMES!
My dear friend Anna visited this week.... loved having her here. Nathan keeps asking to go to Anna's Barn. One day we will. It's great to be able to have someone you admire and respect so much as a friend.

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It's time to update, my friend.
More pictures. More kids. More stories.

Miss you.